FLM490P Capstone Production Residency

Course Description

This intensive production residency includes hands on production workshops and culminates in the production of several episodes of a Web series. Students participate in preproduction activities and work on-set in one of the production departments: production, camera, sound, electrical/lighting, and production design. The residency is held onsite at a National University campus or comparable production facility. Contact the program Lead Faculty for details and current production residency schedule

Learning Outcomes

  • Interpret the communication objectives of a short fiction script by generating a shot list and digital storyboards.
  • Apply creative processes to the production of short-format digital media programs.
  • Apply professional techniques used in digital image capture in the production of a short media program.
  • Collaborate in the production of a digital media program as a production department crew member.
  • Apply on-set production protocols and professional techniques used in the production of a digital media program.
  • Apply the principles of cinematic, sound, and visual design in the production of digital media assets that fulfill the creative and technical requirements for a professional digital media program.
  • Implement visual and cinematic principles in the production of a short fiction script.
  • Implement professional techniques used in the production of image and sound media assets that meet the producer's schedule and budget objectives.