FLM435 Art Direction

Course Description

The principles and techniques of production design used by art directors in the production of fiction and nonfiction media content for the screen. Includes an overview of the art department and production personnel responsible for the production design. Covers set design and art design research, principles of contrast and affinity, tone and color, concept design and previsualization, layout and presentation, script breakdown, set decoration, the selection of props, wardrobe and makeup, and budgeting and sourcing material.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the professional techniques used by art directors in the production of film and video programs.
  • Interpret the communication objectives of a script using oral and written responses.
  • Illustrate the principles of visual design and art direction used in the creation of contemporary visual media.
  • Illustrate the creative objectives and narrative intentions of a scripted fiction scene by selecting relevant digital images.
  • Coordinate the preproduction processes used by art directors in the development of film and video programs.
  • Select the requisite design elements for the production of a scripted scene.
  • Integrate collaborative processes into the development of a production design for a digital media program.