FLM430 Sound Design

Course Description

Covers the principles and techniques used in post-production audio recording and designing soundtracks for fiction and nonfiction media content. Includes Foley, ADR, sound effects, music and soundscapes, and mixing in ProTools.

Learning Outcomes

  • Illustrate the principles of sound design used in the creation of contemporary visual media.
  • Coordinate the preproduction, production, and postproduction processes used in the development of sound media assets used in film and video programs.
  • Implement professional techniques used in the production of sound media assets during post-production.
  • Interpret the communication objectives appropriate to the sound design of media content using oral and written responses.
  • Apply creative processes to the development of sound media assets that meet the objectives of fiction and nonfiction digital media programs.
  • Utilize audio editing software such as ProTools and Adobe Audition to generate sound media assets during digital post-production and finishing.
  • Integrate collaborative processes into the postproduction phases of digital media creation.