FLM380 Directing II Cinematography

Course Description

Builds on the concepts and skills established in FLM 340 by exploring directing through the lens of the cinematographer and the art director. Students study the roles of the art department, production design, set design, and art design. Principles of dynamic contrast, color, lighting, and camera angles that complement the narrative are also covered. Students products include a potentially episodic short clip.

Learning Outcomes

  • Illustrate the selection of shot sizes, matching and non-matching, complimentary and non-complimentary sides appropriate to the emotional intensity of a narrative sequence
  • Select shot sizes and camera angles relative to the subject's position and eye line that complement the emotional intensity of a narrative sequence
  • Apply the 180 degree rule to the selection of camera positions used to cover one, two and three lines of action in a narrative sequence while maintaining continuity of eye line and screen direction
  • Illustrate the effective use of the depth on the z-axis using foreground, mid ground and background planes to compose shots for a narrative sequence
  • Employ the rule of thirds in the composition of a shot to achieve a balanced frame in a variety of shot sizes