FLM340 Directing

Course Description

The application of directorial concepts used in the production of fiction and nonfiction media content. Includes defining directorial intentions, directing and blocking actors, camera placement, selecting coverage, observing lines of action, and the use of movement and point of view.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare the visual images (shots) used in a storyboard to the dramatic intentions of a script.
  • Analyze the directorial approach to a fiction film.
  • Analyze a dramatic script and prepare a directorial approach to the material.
  • Articulate a directorial approach to the dramatic intentions of a narrative script or outline.
  • Select shots and coverage that utilizes cinematic principles to best express narrative intentions.
  • Plan the blocking of camera and actors using digital storyboards and scene-blocking software.
  • Illustrate directorial intentions for a script using digital storyboards and visual references.