FLM325 Post-production I

Course Description

Covers application of editorial principles used in editing nonfiction media content. Includes montage, continuity, and parallel editing, rhythm and pacing, non-linear digital media management, transcoding, and export to a variety of distribution platforms. Students edit a Production I Practicum short.

Learning Outcomes

  • Interpret the communication objectives for a nonfiction media program using oral and written responses.
  • Apply creative processes to the editing of nonfiction media programs.
  • Integrate professional editing techniques in the editing of digital image and sound media assets for nonfiction media programs using professional digital editing software.
  • Integrate collaborative processes into the postproduction phases of digital media creation.
  • Select the visual and sound assets appropriate to a producer's objectives for a nonfiction media program.
  • Coordinate the postproduction workflow used in editing professional digital media programs from asset acquisition to a producer's screening.