Writing Across the

Osvaldo A. Class of 2019

Writing Across the Curriculum is a University-wide program designed to enhance the development of writing and critical thinking skills in students throughout their studies at National University. Good writing skills are in demand in nearly every profession, and the attainment of such skills gives students a competitive edge in job searches and career advancement. The University is dedicated to providing students and faculty with a full range of conceptual material, instructional resources, and support systems. The goals of the Writing Across the Curriculum program are:

  • To make writing and the complementary skills of reading, critical thinking, and research a regular part of coursework at National University.
  • To facilitate the acquisition of writing and communication skills vital to personal and professional success.
  • To distinguish graduates of National University in the eyes of employers and the general public through their professional and technical excellence in language and communication skills.

Writing Across the Curriculum promotes writing and reading enhancement throughout all schools of
study through a variety of publications and activities, including:

  • Workshops for faculty.
  • Writing Centers.
  • Professional forums for self-expression, such as The Gnu, a student literary journal, and WHACK, a faculty newsletter.

Upon registration, students are asked to purchase The Little Brown Essential Handbook for Writers (Harper-Collins, Pub). This book serves as the official National University writing guide and reference text, and it is used by instructors from all disciplines as a reference for their students.