Student Learning Outcomes

Osvaldo A. Class of 2019


  1. Before visiting the Writing Center,
  2. Students will know that one-on-one help is available for writing and math.
  3. Students will know how to book an appointment.

When visiting the Writing Center, students will demonstrate

  1. Preparedness by planning for their tutorial session and arriving with relevant materials.
  2. Self-reliance by identifying which phase of the writing process, which writing skills, and which portions of their writing sample on which to focus during the tutorial session.
  3. Problem solving/creative thinking ability by identifying the main points of discussion raised during the tutorial session to plan next steps in the writing process.

After visiting the Writing Center, student learning outcomes are to gain:

  1. An understanding of writing as a process that usually requires multiple drafts
  2. Rhetorical knowledge of how to write for different audiences, situations and purposes
  3. The ability to address local and global level issues involved in writing
  4. Confidence in completing a range of writing tasks