Krystal F. - Class of 2021

Printed Textbooks

Krystal F. - Class of 2021

National University has a contract with one of the largest mail order textbook vendors in the country, Follett Higher Education Group. Follett has the largest used textbook inventory in the industry and sells more used textbooks than any other higher education bookstore vendor, has the most competitive pricing on new textbooks, and offers higher textbook buy-back prices than other university textbook vendors. TextbooksNow, a division of Follett Higher Education Group, has dedicated an entire warehouse and five full-time employees to the University’s virtual bookstore, National University TextDirect, ensuring superior customer service to our students.

Find out what texts are required for your course by logging onto the student portal from Single Sign-On.

In the middle of the student portal home page click on the My Class Schedule link located in the Quick Links for Students section. Click on the blue link titled Buy Books on the far left side of the page next to your course. This link will direct you to the National University TextDirect website where you can view and purchase all your required books with ease and convenience. Please note: The Buy Books link is only active seven weeks prior to the start date of your upcoming course and for any current courses.

Order your books seven weeks prior to class in one of a number of ways:

  1. On the Internet via National University TextDirect at The Virtual Bookstore can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Payments may be made by credit card to the secure website. Accepted credit cards are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.
  2. By phone with a credit card at 1-866-243-0077.
  3. By fax with a credit card at 1-480-829-9497.
  4. By mail with a check, credit card, or money order at 918 South Park Lane, Suite 105, Tempe, AZ 85281.

The following are important details and benefits of using National University TextDirect:

  1. National University TextDirect maintains a current list of National University courses and the textbooks assigned for those courses.
  2. Free ground shipping is available on all National University textbook orders. Second day air shipping is available for $9.50 and overnight delivery is available for $17.50 per order. TextDirect shall audit delivery of textbooks to ensure freight times do not exceed two days. In the event that ground shipment of packages regularly exceeds two days, TextDirect shall implement a solution to ensure package delivery within two days.
  3. National University TextDirect operators are available to take your telephone calls at 1-866-243-0077, Monday through Saturday, 8 am to 6 pm (U.S. Pacific Time). You may also email National University TextDirect at [email protected].
  4. A section of the website will allow students to check the resale value of their textbooks once their class has ended. If you decide to resell your textbook to TextDirect, you will be able to print out a prepaid shipping label to send the book back for resale. You may also sell books back by calling the toll-free number to determine the current value of the textbook. TextDirect will send a check directly to you for the value of any textbooks they purchase from you.
  5. Textbooks are not available for purchase at local campuses.
  6. In order to buy or sell a book from/to the Student Bookstore, you need to have a registered account with the textbook vendor. Having an account will enable you to place orders quickly and easily while allowing you to track your orders online. Additionally, it will allow the company to inform you if any of the books you bought from them has any buyback value and to conduct a quick sell. Your email address and password are the keys to your account. To protect your security, they must be entered before any account specific information can be accessed like billing, shipping address or order history.

If you need assistance or cannot locate your textbook please call NU TextDirect at 1-866-243-0077 or contact the National University Student Concierge Services Department at (866) 628-8988.