Teddy T. - Class of 2021, Military Veteran

Math Center FAQ

Teddy T. - Class of 2021, Military Veteran

Where do I log in?

To log in and make an appointment with the Math Center, go to https://numath.mywconline.com. You’ll need to register, then log in to see available appointments. You’ll see who is available to work online and onsite in San Diego, Rancho Bernardo, Los Angeles, and Fresno.

How long can a tutor work with me?

Appointments run 1-2 hours. You may make up to 4 hours of appointments per week.

What does an online math tutorial look like?

Prior to an online meeting a math tutor, you’ll receive an email with a link to an online meeting. Click on the link and log in as a guest. It works best if you have a headset with a microphone so both you and the tutor are able to speak with your hands free to type, but we can call you on the phone for audio. You and the tutor will work through problems using a whiteboard or similar technology.

What can we cover in a math tutoring session?

It’s best to come prepared with questions. Typically, the tutor will work with you through problems similar to those that you’re working on in class. The tutor will demonstrate and then allow you to do some problems to make sure you’re on the right track.

How often can I get help?

We are happy to see you each week. You may reserve up to 4 hours of tutorials each week.

Where do we go for our appointment?

If you are meeting online, you’ll receive an email before your session explaining where to go. If you’re meeting onsite, check in with the Center Assistant and let him/her know that you are working with the math tutor, and she/he will inform you where to go.

How do I contact a tutor?

You may email the Math Center at [email protected].

How much does it cost?

The services of the Math Center are covered by your tuition. There is no additional cost.

What classes can I get tutoring for?

We are happy to help with undergraduate math courses as well as courses dealing with statistics. We do not provide tutoring in physics or structural engineering.

How many sessions can I have?

You may reserve up to 4 hours of math sessions per week.