Elizabeth V. - Class of 2023

Spam – What to Do?

Elizabeth V. - Class of 2023

What can be done to stop e-mail spam?

The World Wide Web and Internet were designed as an efficient and open, communication system. Privacy and security were not part of the original concept. Spam (unsolicited e-mail) continues to be a problem for Internet users. To reduce spam, network administrators have installed filters to stop hundreds of unwanted advertisements and junk mail per hour. Unfortunately, when one hole is plugged, spammers usually find another one.

What can you do?

  • Never open or respond to spam. Any response from you will guarantee more spam. It’s best to delete spam and empty your recycle bin.
  • Only give your National University e-mail address to those individuals who need it, such as faculty members.
  • Download or buy anti-spam software at your own risk.
  • Use the e-mail filtering features built into Outlook, Outlook Express, or whatever e-mail software you use. The National University Helpdesk cannot presume to tell you which e-mail is spam so be suspicious of all messages sent from unknown sources. See below: