Allison C., Class of 2018

Starting a New Club

Allison C. Class of 2018

Want to Start a Club?

Day of the dead omega
cyber security comptetition
SD Pride Parade

New Club/Organization Requirements

Clubs must have:

  • A minimum of ten members
  • Officers who have a 2.7 GPA or above
  • A mission statement
  • A faculty or staff advisor
  • Members must have a minimum 2.0 GPA

New Club Registration

Already Have a Club?

New club members should complete the registration and liability form.

CSEA’s Student Learning Outcomes align with NU’s institutional learning outcomes.

Membership in student organizations supports the following four SLOs

  • Apply effective communication strategies for in-person and online interactions, including meetings, professional websites, and social media platforms. 
  • Synthesize connections among experiences outside of the formal classroom (including life experiences, co-curricular, and academic experiences such as internships and travel abroad) to deepen understanding of fields of study and to broaden own points of view. 
  • Evaluate and apply diverse perspectives to complex topics to demonstrate an empathetic understanding of multiple worldviews and cultures. 
  • Utilize various leadership behaviors to support a constructive team climate, including teamwork and conflict resolution

Ways to demonstrate these competencies include showcasing the following artifacts on the Portfolium and LinkedIn platforms:

  • Meeting agendas
  • Meeting minutes
  • Effective Leadership Cert. of Completion
  • Mentorship artifacts
  • Reflections via jotform
  • Creation of websites
  • Flyers and images of event participation
  • Blogs

Questions? Please contact the Center for Student Engagement and Activities at [email protected].