Student Learning Outcomes

In accordance with its mission, vision, and values, National University is committed to the continuous improvement of its programs and services. Student outcomes assessment is the ongoing process of evaluating the extent to which students are achieving their learning outcomes at the course, program, and institutional level for the purpose of improving student learning. Each academic course and program has specifically defined learning outcomes that guide the content and instruction of the course. The systematic assessment of student learning is implemented within the philosophy of ensuring continuous improvement of the quality of student achievement and the contexts in which that learning occurs.

Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

ILOs align with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission’s (WSCUC) core competencies and reflect a broad level of knowledge, skills, and abilities set by the University that all students must meet, regardless of the academic program. Student performance is assessed by faculty using faculty-developed ILO rubrics. ILOs are listed in the National Course Catalog. ILOs include:

  • Written Communication
  • Oral Communication
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Information Literacy
  • Research Skills (graduate students only)
Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Each program within a school typically has four to six discipline-specific learning outcomes that emphasize the necessary skills and competencies students must learn in order to succeed in their field of study. PLOs are clear, measurable, and consistent with Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) as well as program accreditation requirements and field of practice expectations. Student performance is assessed by faculty using faculty-developed PLO rubrics. PLOs for all programs are included in the National Course Catalog.

The interactive charts below show the achievement of learning outcomes across the Bloom’s taxonomy proficiency levels for both ILOs and PLOs.

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