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NU Provides the support you need to succeed

The credits you’ve earned at National University or Northcentral University are an accomplishment to be proud of. We want to help you build on this success by getting you back to class and on your way to finishing your degree. With our onsite and online study options, four and eight-week course formats, and weekly and monthly class start options, we’ve made it easy to stay on track, finish faster, and achieve your career and personal goals.

Returning Students:

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Why re-enroll at NU?

As a veteran-founded, military-friendly Yellow Ribbon school, National University understands the needs of busy adults who are juggling work and family obligations. That’s why we’re dedicated to your success by offering the academic, financial, career, family, and emotional support you need to finish your degree – and pursue your dreams. We offer:

  • Achievable 4 and 8-week courses that start monthly
  • 190+ programs with year-round enrollment
  • Online and on-site courses
  • 1:1 academic, career, and wellness counseling
  • Free tutoring, mentoring, and more
  • Financial aid, scholarships, and grants

Supporting the Whole You

Our whole human approach to education means we’re here to help by supporting your academic, financial, career, family, social, and emotional wellness.

Military Friendly

As a top educator of the U.S. military, NU is uniquely positioned to help service members, veterans, and their families return to school and earn a career-relevant degree.

Keep Your Credits

Transferring to a different degree program? Your previously earned credits may still be applicable! Act now, before they expire—contact a Re-Entry Specialist to learn more.

Fresh Start

Finances can be one of the biggest obstacles between you and your goals. With our Fresh Start program, you now have multiple options for debt management and/or forgiveness.

Max Time Frame

Each graduate program has a maximum time frame in which to complete course credits, so it’s important to restart your program before your previously earned credits can no longer be applied to that program version.

Ready to reach your goals?

If you’re ready to get back into class, we have dedicated Re-Entry Specialists to help you navigate every step of the process. They’ll serve as your advisor, answer your questions, and even complete your application on your behalf if needed.

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“That’s one of the things — especially going to National — that I’ve come to appreciate that there’s nothing ever given. It’s earned. As soon as you do earn it, you realize how much you’ve gone through to achieve it, and it means that much more to you.”

— Brad R., Military Servicemember, Class of 2018