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Professional and Continuing Education (PACE)

Identifying the Needs of Our Partners

Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) at National University offers a range of training and development options that support personal, professional, and academic learning opportunities. With industry-relevant professional development programs, you can upskill your workforce to meet the needs of the evolving global market.

Every business is different, and every business problem requires a unique solution. That’s why we work with our partners to determine which certificates and courses are needed in every scenario.

Align Your Workforce’s Education Needs

Once we’ve established your needs, we can develop the solutions. Meeting the workforce needs of today and tomorrow means providing employees with the tools necessary to succeed in their roles. When you support lifelong learning and development of your employees, you’ll attract and retain top talent and maintain a competitive edge.

Develop Your Workforce’s Skills

At National University, our programs provide:

  • Real-world applications: With industry-expert faculty and career-focused curricula, your employees will learn skills they can immediately apply to their positions.
  • Self-paced, 100% online classes:  Our flexible courses make professional development convenient for the workforce.
  • Affordable education: NU offers competitive tuition rates, as well as several scholarships.

Achieve New Heights Through PACE

With professional and continuing education, your employees will hone skills that will make them more professionally relevant and valuable in a competitive workplace. Many of our programs allow employees to earn credits toward a college degree, a certificate, or to meet continuing education requirements.

Professional Certificates and Courses

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Our diverse categories of programs give professionals the tools they need to gain a competitive edge in their industry. Our offerings are designed to fit into your employees’ demanding schedules, and many of our certification programs are approved for continuing education units and professional development units, which can help maintain licensure or provide you with the skills needed to advance your career. We also provide many test prep courses for future teachers and nurses.

New and Continuing Teacher Education Courses

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For over a decade, National University has recommended more candidates for teaching credentials than any other university in California. For these current educators, National University Professional and Continuing Education Development offers over 25 online courses for continuing education credit, and eight National Board-Certified test prep courses. For our future educators, we provide 14 online test prep courses.

Courses and Programs for Training and Professional Development

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We offer a variety of professional development and career training programs. Subject matter experts help design every course, and students enroll because the professional development certificates and courses are flexible and affordable

Online career training programs are a more in-depth study to prepare your employees for industry certification, continuing education units, professional development units, or to move up in their careers. Students can start programs at any time and work at their own pace. These programs offer financial aid, mentors, and career counselors. Some program categories include: Art & Design; Business; Computer Applications & Programming; Construction & Trade; Health & Fitness; Hospitality; IT; Writing, and more.

Building Customized Training and Development Courses

Partner with National University Professional and Continuing Education to create custom education solutions for your workforce. Our courses are designed to meet the talent development needs of your organization by helping your workforce gain the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in today’s in-demand fields. Customized training includes:

  • Customized Education
  • Industry Relevant Certificates
  • Professional Development Courses
  • Workforce Training
  • Prior Learning Credit

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