Graduation & Retention

To support Student Success, NU has established a Graduation & Retention Council (GRC). The GRC works to identify and remove barriers to retention and timely graduation consistent with a high-quality education in an environment centered on student learning and success. The goal of the GRC is to provide a formal infrastructure where members of the University community can come together to discuss goals and factors that contribute to student success and retention, and to develop and assess short and long-term strategic plans for improving the academic success of students. Mindful of the University’s adult student learner population, the GRC is focused on inclusively addressing the diversity of student needs.

The GRC is authorized and established by the president and executive vice president and provost to:

  • Develop systemic, sustainable strategies and practices to be implemented that will increase student persistence in support of the University’s student retention, completion, and strategic enrollment management goals
  • Assess, review, and recommend changes to existing retention and graduation programs
  • Identify key data for regular collection to inform decision making
  • Develop a communication plan to disseminate information and collect input from the NU community
Vice President – Enrollment Management & Student Success, Chair
Dean – COLS
Dean – COPS
Dean – SCOE
Associate Dean – COLS
Associate Dean – SCOE
Department Chair
Department Chair
Vice Provost – Academic Services
Vice President – Academic Operations
Vice President – Teaching & Learning
Associate Vice President – Curriculum & Educational Effectiveness
Associate Vice President – Military
Director – Student Success
Director – Enrollment Services
Director – Career Services
Graduate Council Representative
Undergraduate Council Representative
Faculty Senate Representative
Adjunct Faculty Representative
Student Representatives