Caring for the Caretakers: Organizational Wellness for Law Enforcement

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Promoting Wellness for Law Enforcement

Peace Officer Standards Training – Approved Course

Stackable for Course Credit icon.Organizational wellness can best be described as infusing officer wellness services, programs, and ideology into the basic culture of police stations, affiliates, and the wider law enforcement departments and organizations. Inspiring wellness into every aspect of a group’s culture is imperative to reduce stress, build resilience, create work-life balance, and keep law enforcement professionals safe. Cultivating a culture of health and wellness in law enforcement helps law enforcement professionals better serve the community, improving community and law enforcement outcomes.

Caring for the Caretakers: Organizational Wellness for Law Enforcement program will discuss, teach, and help managers and law enforcement professionals learn how to create an environment and culture in which employee wellness is central to all aspects of the organization. Organizational wellness goes beyond the commitment to a wellness plan and is most evident when the organization consistently enforces the implementation of the plan for all members. Many factors that compromise the safety of law enforcement professionals’ judgment and decision-making develop from how they manage stress and the impact of trauma in their personal and professional lives.

Working in law enforcement is honorable, noble work, that is facing challenging times, contributing to increased stress and reduced officer wellness. Wellness goes beyond physical fitness and wellness plans to focus on whole-person wellness to embody body, mind, and spirit. This program will provide a framework to establish best practices and build organizational wellness, including:

  • Organizational culture of wellness
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Barriers and consequences when wellness is not prioritized
  • Impact of cumulative stress and trauma
  • Leadership and structural barriers to organizational wellness
  • Coping and resiliency from the academy to retirement
  • Establishing an organizational wellness program

This program provides practical best practice topics focused on building and enhancing law enforcement agency organizational wellness. Add tools to your toolbox that support a systematic approach to organizational wellness that can help you navigate the myriad challenges and stresses faced by law enforcement today. Through this unique program, law enforcement professionals will learn ways to build and enhance wellness individually and for your organization.

Participants of this program can earn eight hours of POST credit for FREE through December 31, 2021, in a combination of self-paced and live-online learning opportunities with scenarios incorporated from real officers in the field, based on real situations and lessons learned. Prior learning credit toward an academic degree program at National University is available.

Program Details

This eight-unit online program has been designed to provide you with practical skills for building organizational wellness.

  • Unit 1: A Culture of Wellness for Law Enforcement
  • Unit 2: The Toxic, Cumulative Effects of Stress and Trauma for Law Enforcement
  • Unit 3: Barriers to Organizational Wellness for Law Enforcement
  • Unit 4: Live, Synchronous Session I: Dealing with Changes & How to Move Forward
  • Unit 5: Coping and Resilience for Law Enforcement
  • Unit 6: Laying Groundwork: Establishing Organizational Wellness Programs for Law Enforcement
  • Unit 7: Implementation and Sustainability of an Organizational Wellness Unit for Law Enforcement
  • Unit 8: Live, Synchronous Session II: Effective Means of Implementing Organizational Wellness Groups

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Frequently Asked Questions

The program is free for California law enforcement personnel through June 30, 2021.

No, tuition reduction scholarships cannot be used for the program. The program is free.

No, you can participate in just the professional development program, Caring for the Caretakers: Organizational Wellness for Law Enforcement.

This program may be used as prior learning if you decide to enroll in a bachelor’s program at National University. Students who complete the entire program can speak with their advisor about waiving program requirements through a prior learning assessment.

Students who are enrolled at NU are able to participate in the program, but are not able to have program requirements waived through prior learning assessment. The opportunity to have program requirements waived is only available for new students.

Yes, you can earn 9.0 CEU of POST credit.

This program is open to anyone working in law enforcement in the state of California. This includes sworn officers and civilians working in any law enforcement agency in California.

The program is relevant for all individuals working in law enforcement, including sworn officers and civilian professionals. Enrollment is limited currently to those in the state of California only.

The program is self-paced, there is no specific start or end time for the program. You can complete the first 6-hours of self-paced portion of the program at your own pace and enroll in two live 1 1/2-hour sessions for a total of 3-hours of live, synchronous online course instruction.

The program is self-paced. There is no specific start or end time and no specific start term — just truly open enrollment. Students can complete the program in a day or across a month, if they would like. Students will have the ability to interact with other learners but will not be tied to a cohort as they move through the program, allowing students to move at their own pace.

The program is designed to be nine hours in total time. Six hours are self-paced, asynchronous, which you can take on your time, on your schedule. Three hours are an online, live, synchronous sessions that will be scheduled to allow you to interact with peers across the state of California or within your community at two different points in the program.

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