Dr. Veronica Ardi-Pastores

Dr. Ardi earned her PhD in Environmental Toxicology, BS in Biology, and BS in Chemistry at UC Irvine. She conducted postdoctoral research at The Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla, CA). She is trained in microbial, molecular, and cellular biology.

Dr. Ardi teaches General Biology (BIO 161), Cellular Biology (BIO 406), Microbiology (BIO 203), and Introductory Chemistry (CHE 101). As a researcher, she studies coastal water quality with emphasis on pathogen source tracking. She frequently has students joining her research projects.


Type Date Title Audience Function Location
Conference Beyond Flipping: Quality of Active Learning makes a Significant Difference in Inverted Classrooms Guest speaker
Conference Workshop title: Implementing an Inquiry-based Microbial Project with a Traditional Laboratory Manual
Poster Active learning in a flipped classroom: implementation and assessment.
Poster Deploying Inquiry-based Experiments in Undergraduate Laboratory Courses.


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Dr. Veronica Ardi-Pastores


Dr. Veronica Ardi-Pastores

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UC Irvine - PHD - Environmental Toxicology