Dr. Rachel Simmons


Type Date Author Type Date Title Publication Name Author List Publisher Volume / Issue / Page
Article Co-Author 2012 Long-term captive breeding does not necessarily prevent reestablishment: lessons learned from Eagle Lake rainbow trout. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries Carmona-Catot, G., P. B. Moyle, And R. E. Simmons 22(1) 325-342
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Article Co-Author 2007 Mitochondrial DNA sequence variation and phylogeny of the concolor gibbons Nomascus. American Journal of Primatology Monda, K., R. E. Simmons, P. Kresserir, B. Su, And D. S. Woodruff 69 1285-1306
Article Co-Author 2006 Multilocus allozyme heterozygote deficiencies in Crepidula onyx: geographic and temporal patterns among adult snails in Mission Bay, California. Journal of Molluscan Studies Plutchak, L. L., R. E. Simmons, And D. S. Woodruff. 72 337-348
Article Co-Author 2005 Mitochondrial DNA sequence variation and subspecific taxonomy in the white-handed gibbon, Hylobates lar. Natural History Journal of Chulalongkorn University Woodruff, D. S., K. Monda, And R. E. Simmons 1 71-78
Article – Peer Reviewed Co-Author 2018-07-24 Accelerated Introductory Biology Course is Significantly Enhanced by a Flipped Learning Environment. CBE-Life Sciences Education Barral, A. M., V. C. Ardi-Pastores And R. E. Simmons American Society for Cell Biology 17(3)
Dr. Rachel Simmons


Dr. Rachel Simmons

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