Dr. Federica Fornaciari


Type Date Author Type Date Title Publication Name Author List Publisher Volume / Issue / Page
Article Author 2018 What is Privacy Anyways? A Longitudinal Analysis of Media Frames of Privacy. Journal of Intellectual Freedom and Privacy 3(1) 8-20
Article Co-Author 2016 Framing the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: One Story, Many Crosscultural Tales. Teaching Media Quarterly Fornaciari, F., & Goldman, L. 4(2)
Article Author 2014 Pricey Privacy: The Economy of Information in the Digital Age. First Monday 19(12)
Article Author 2011 Framing the Egyptian Revolution: A content analysis of Al Jazeera English and the BBC. Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research 4(2-3) 217-229
Chapter Co-Author 2018 Has Hillary Clinton Shifted the Media Narrative of Women in Leadership? In A. Trier-Bieniek (Ed.), The Politics of Gender Fornaciari, F. & Goldman, L. Sense Publisher
Chapter Author 2012 The language of technoself: Storytelling, symbolic interactionism, and online identity. In R. Luppicini (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Technoself: Identity in a Technological Society IGI Global.
Dr. Federica Fornaciari


Dr. Federica Fornaciari

College of Letters and Sciences

Arts and Humanities


Univ of Illinois, Chicago - PHD - Communication