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DEIC Subcommittees

The President’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council is divided into five subcommittees that are committed to assessing the University and developing recommendations to foster a more wholly inclusive and equitable culture. Learn more about the missions and members of the DEIC subcommittees. Joseph Hoey is the DEIC Chair of the President’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council.

The subcommittee evaluates how to create and ensure access for all underserved populations at the institution, including students, staff, and faculty. It works to develop methods to improve access and success for all members of the NU community while enabling advancement (retention) and success (graduation) for underserved students.

Subcommittee Chair

Dr. Tricia Crosby-Cooper, PhD (Lead) (SCOE)
Academic Program Director – School Psychology
Applied Behavioral Analysis, School Psychology, and Educational Counseling (ASPEC) Department

Subcommittee Members

Martin Gallardo (Staff)

Dr. Brad Dotson (Staff)
Director of Student Success
Division of Student Success

Dr. JB Robinson (Staff)
Associate Director, Accessibility and Wellness
Division of Student Success

Gabrielle (Brie) Martin (Staff)
Institutional Researcher
University Analytics and Institutional Research

Dr. Brian Tilley (COLS)
Academic Program Director
Master of Arts in Counseling

Dr. Sara Kelly (COPS)
Professor and Academic Program Director
Bachelor of Public Administration
College of Law and Public Service

The goal of the subcommittee is to assess and recommend improvements to embed diversity and social justice concepts throughout curricular and co-curricular studies (field trips, field experience, study abroad, etc.) and University processes (Career Services, Student Organizations, Financial Aid, Office of Student Conduct, etc.), including outcomes assessments.

Subcommittee Chair

Dr. Lori Piowlski, PhD (Lead) (SCOE)
Chair of the Teacher Education Department; Associate Professor
Sanford College of Education

Dr. Erika Saito, PhD (Co-Lead) (SCOE)
Assistant Professor and Course Lead in MA Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and MA Inspired Teaching and Learning, SEL Emphasis
Sanford College of Education

Subcommittee Members

Dr. Mudasser Wyne (COPS)
Professor of Computer Science and Program Director, MS in Computer Science
College of Law and Public Service

Dr. Miles Leader (Adjunct Faculty)
Professor of English Language and Pathway Program
National University Language Institute

Dr. Chandrika Kelso (COPS)
Professor & Academic Program Director/ADR & MPA Programs

Dr. Julie Wilhelm (COLS)
Interim Associate Dean of the College of Letters and Sciences

Dr. Veronica Ardi-Pastores (COLS)

The subcommittee coordinates with Executive Leadership, Human Resources, and Public Relations to review institutional responses to city, state, and national events related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. It leads qualitative and quantitative assessment of students, staff, and faculty to identify trends and perceptions of campus climate to support action plans for transformational and sustainable institutional action. It also leads activities surrounding disseminating knowledge and awareness of the DEIC and its activities to the NU community.

Subcommittee Chair

Dr. Sonia Rodriguez, Ph.D. (SCOE)
Associate Professor; Academic Program Director School Counseling
Sanford College of Education; Department of Applied Behavaior Analysis, School Psychology, Educational Counseling

Subcommittee Members

Anita Handson (Staff)
AVP Brand, Strategy
National University Marketing

Julia McMillan (Staff)
Project Analyst, Transformation Office
Center for Student Engagement and Activities

Dr. LaCrisia Gilbert (Staff)
Office of the Ombudsman

Cristyn Vure (Student)
NU Scholar of Stamina
Alumni Representative

Dr. Sidney Castle (SCOE)

The subcommittee is focused on assessing and collaborating with other groups to develop methods and practices for adult learners to further reinforce an educational environment that fosters a sense of belonging to the institution. This includes the learning environment, mode of delivery, ancillary departmental services, an atmosphere of respect and supportiveness, and the way all of these experiences combine to create a unique learning culture where all students can thrive.

Subcommittee Chair

Dr. Peilin Fu, PhD (Lead) (COPS)
Professor and Academic Program Director, Engineering and Computing
College of Law and Public Service

Subcommittee Members

Dr. Joseph Hoey, IV, EdD (Staff)
Chair of the President’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council
Vice Provost for Academic Services at National University

Ildifonso Carrillo (Staff)
Senior Instructional Designer
Center for Innovation in Learning

Dr. Melinda Campbell (COLS)
Professor of Philosophy
APD, Associate of Arts in General Education

Pedro Aguilar (Student)

Dr. Torrie Norton (SCOE)
Associate Faculty
Student Success Faculty

Dr. Clara Amador-Lankster (SCOE)

This subcommittee is dedicated to creating and fostering a university culture where everyone feels welcome, respected, and valued.

Subcommittee Chair

Dr. Ritika Bhawal, Associate Professor, PhD (Lead) (COPS)
Associate Professor and Academic Program Director, BSPH Program
College of Law and Public Service

Subcommittee Members

Carolyn Aoki (Staff)
Human Resources Business Partner
Human Resources

Starlone Thomas (Staff)
Manager, Talent Acquisition
Human Resources

Ricardo Ortega (Staff)
Compliance Specialist
Academic Affairs Dept.

Dr. Bernadette Baum (COPS)

Dr. Durrel Parker (Staff)
Associate Director
Talent Acquisition (Human Resources)

Dr. Rachel Simmons (COLS)