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Fully-funded college tuition for Amazon associates

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Packaging A Quality Education

Amazon and National University just “packaged” a program that can deliver your associate or bachelor’s degree faster than you think — with your tuition, fees, and books covered through Career Choice.

Whether you’re just beginning your educational journey or transferring with prior credits, enrolling is easy. Choose from more than 40 dynamic, career-focused fields uniquely designed for working adults with accelerated four-week courses and online options. At NU, you can start classes sooner and finish your degree faster.

Take advantage of this opportunity to open doors to the future and earn your associate or bachelor’s degree tuition-free.

2022 Enrollment Dates You Need To Know

Finish Faster with Four-Week Courses

We’re proud to put our students first with four-week courses that work around your career and family obligations. A typical course can be completed in just one month, so you can gain career skills faster.

Free Tuition Through Amazon Career Choice

Selecting a university is a big decision. That’s why we offer three free classes during your first year. You’ll experience all that NU has to offer without tuition fees or obligation*. *Associate and bachelor’s degree programs only. Books and other fees may apply.

Dedicated Advisors for Amazon Associates

Become a student at NU and you’ll forge a path to success with one-to-one support from dedicated advisors just for Amazon associates. They’re here to help and are committed to your educational journey every step of the way.

Guaranteed Academic and Career Services

Our support goes beyond academics. NU offers Amazon associates career and concierge services that include mentoring, career counseling, placement support, workshops, resume and cover letter assistance, and much more.

A Message From Our Chancellor, Dr. Michael R. Cunningham

Special Partner and Dependent Benefit

We know that others in your family may want to earn their degree as well, so we are providing up to a 40% discount for partners/spouses and dependents.

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3 Steps to Get Started

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Enrolling is easy. We’re here to help and will walk you through the process.

Speak With an Enrollment Advisor

BodAmazon associates have dedicated NU advisors to provide one-to-one support.y Text

Begin Your First Class

Be sure to review the 2022 Enrollment Dates You Need To Know.

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“The best investment I ever made, was in myself.”

Nadia L., Class of 2020

Find Your Program

By taking part in the Career Choice program, Amazon associates have the option of choosing from more than 40 career-driven, future-focused programs. Take four-week courses, one month at a time, or skip a month when you need to focus on work or family obligations.

Learn more about our most popular programs:

  1. Cyber-Security (NSA-Certified)
  2. Computer Science
  3. Business
  4. Information Technology
  5. Psychology

Use our Degree Finder to find the program that best fits your goals.

The National University Promise

  • Four-Week Courses
  • Dedicated Advisors
  • Online or On-Site
  • Guaranteed Career Services

At National University, students come first. Our innovative approach is driven by the needs of adult learners, and is backed by 50 years of success. With dedicated support services, mentorship opportunities, and a growing network of more than 185,000 alumni worldwide, NU prepares today’s workforce for tomorrow’s opportunities.

26 Months

Associate Degree – Median Time to Graduation

36 Months

Bachelor’s Degree – Median Time to Graduation

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look below and find answers to some of the most common questions.

  • National University has a dedicated staff to assist you through your enrollment process. We are here to make the process as easy as possible by assisting in your choice and enrollment for a bachelor’s or associate program. Our advisors are available to you by phone, email, and online chat.
  • For assistance with the Amazon voucher process, please go to, which outlines the enrollment path details and exact steps that you need to take on the Amazon Career Choice site to sign up for their program.
  • Career Choice is available to all full- and part-time blue badge employees, who have been employed for 90 days. This includes all hourly non-exempt FC, CS, corporate, AWS, Amazon Fresh Stores, Amazon Books, Amazon 4-star, Amazon Pop Up, Amazon Go and certain retail and eligible subsidiary associates. Subsidiaries include: A9, A100, A2Z, Audible, Brilliance, ComiXology, CreateSpace,, Goodreads, Amazon Pharmacy, Shopbop, Woot.
  • If you are not eligible for the program with Career Choice, National University provides another offer where you can receive 25% off your tuition. Please contact us at 1-855-456-9286 to learn more.

All bachelor’s and associate programs at National University are eligible for the Career Choice program. Our Enrollment Advisors can assist you in selecting the program that best matches your goals. Review the programs above in our Program Finder.

We would love to speak with you about other programs. Graduate degrees are not a part of the Amazon Career Choice program and offerings. NU offers a special 25% tuition reduction scholarship for Amazon Associates on graduate degrees. To learn more, please call 1-855-456-9286.

  • Students can start courses utilizing the Career Choice program beginning in February 2022. There is a new start date every month. Take a look at our Calendar for all new start dates.
  • Your Amazon Career Choice voucher must be completed and submitted prior to the course start date.

*NU covers the tuition of your first three courses, then the Amazon annual tuition benefits start. If you stay within the annual tuition limits of the Amazon Career Choice program, then you will incur no tuition costs for the duration of your degree program. Amazon provides annual tuition assistance of up to $5,250 for full-time and $2,625 for part-time blue-badge associates. Speak with an Enrollment Advisor to help maximize your annual tuition benefit. Note: Your maximum tuition assistance resets each year. Any tuition amount that exceeds your annual Amazon Career Choice benefit balance will be your responsibility; should you exceed your annual tuition assistance, each course thereafter is only $700.

If you are submitting your first voucher, then email your completed and electronically signed voucher to [email protected]. Subsequent vouchers should be submitted to [email protected].

Students must apply before their first class start date. You can apply up to 90 days before your first course begins. Additionally, the last day to enroll and add courses for the same month is by the first day of the course. The voucher must be submitted, if not received, courses need to be dropped.

NU offers a generous transfer credit policy: Up to 75% of the credits for a Bachelor’s degrees and up to 80% of the credits for an Associate’s degree!

Connect with an Enrollment Advisor today at 1-855-456-9286, and they will work with you to have your current credits assessed for possible transfer into your program of interest.

  • Nationally and regionally accredited course work is assessed for transfer credit.
  • International college transcripts only required if they are being assessed for transfer credit.
  • Get started today! There is a 90-day grace period for official transcript submission.

NU’s Career Center offers career counseling and placement support, mock interviews training, workshops, and resume and cover letter review, and more.

NU is pleased to offer a scholarship to Amazon employees’ spouses and dependents, or Amazon employees that are ineligible for the Career Choice program. Applicants that enroll in any undergraduate degree seeking program at NU will receive the scholarship resulting in a 40% discount; your tuition cost will be $1,000 per class. The average number of classes taken per calendar year is six. Should you take more than six courses per year, then the tuition will maintain the same 40% discount. Your per class tuition will be $1,000 per class rate. Should you take more than six courses per year, then the tuition will maintain the same $1,000 per class. Those applicants enrolling in a graduate degree seeking program at NU will receive a 25% discount per class. Your tuition will be $1,491.75 per class. If you are interested in graduate programs, then please speak with an Enrollment Advisor to learn more.

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