three construction workers in hardhats and safety vests look over blueprints of a building.

Construction Management Professional Certificate for Amazon Associates

three construction workers in hardhats and safety vests look over blueprints of a building.
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If you’re interested in making a change in your career path, consider a certificate in construction management. This certificate is offered for Amazon associates looking to transition into a career in the construction industry and is a non-degree certificate that can be completed in 20 weeks. With Amazon Career Choice, this program is available to Amazon associates at no cost. Position yourself to enter the construction management field with the Construction Management Professional Certificate. You’ll gain foundational knowledge of construction management, the skills needed to oversee projects, and how to handle logistical problems.

Stackable for Course Credit icon.The construction sector is growing rapidly and individuals with skills in construction project management, construction fundamentals, inspection, safety, managing changes, and written and verbal communication are in high demand. The construction management program was developed with guidance and assistance from current leaders in the industry and provides relevant training for those seeking an entry-level job in construction management.

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Program Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the fundamentals of construction management plans and specifications
  • Explain construction bid documents and bidding procedures
  • Demonstrate knowledge of mathematics and its application in problem-solving
  • Gain cost estimating and scheduling techniques
  • Apply the principles of project management to construction projects
  • Summarize basic inspection processes and the relationship between safety and quality
  • Apply inspection techniques to improve workplace safety and ensure conformance with codes, plans, and specifications
  • CMAA CMIT Level One Exam Preparation / Discuss OSHA Construction 10-Hour Certification (CMIT Exam and OSHA credential vouchers included)

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To speak to a dedicated enrollment advisor about this certificate, please call or text 310-662-2010.

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  • Module 1: Plans and Specifications
    • Understand the fundamentals of interpreting drawings and specifications
    • Demonstrate knowledge in reading surveys, site improvement, foundations, structures, mechanical, and electrical drawings
    • Explain construction bid documents and related bidding procedures
    • Apply specification principles and contract procedures and conditions
  • Module 2: Field Inspection and Safety
    • Understand the cost of injuries in comparison to the cost of safety
    • Assess the occurrence of hazardous conditions
    • Determine steps, implement contractual agreements, and management systems to improve safety
    • Understand the relationship between safety and quality
    • Understand the basic inspection processes for sites, structures, general construction, and mechanical and electrical systems
    • Apply inspection techniques to ensure conformance with codes, plans, and specifications
    • Understand the final inspection process and project closeout
  • Module 3: Scheduling and Control
    • Understand the project management process
    • Explain construction contracts and delivery methods
    • Demonstrate estimating fundamentals
    • Understand network and scheduling fundamentals
    • Analyze construction progress through schedule updating
  • Module 4: CMAA CMIT Level One Exam Preparation / Discuss OSHA Construction 10-Hour Certification

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our next set of cohort start dates are scheduled to begin on Jul. 18, Aug. 1, and Sep. 26. Additional cohort starts will be added throughout the year. Have more questions? We are happy to answer your questions. Please contact us today.

Yes, successful completion of the Construction Management Professional Certificate allows students to receive academic credit for three courses toward the B.S. in Construction Management if the student decides to pursue a degree at National University.

All learners are eligible to apply. There are no specific admissions requirements. It is recommended that learners have a high school diploma or GED.

The program is designed to be completed in 20 weeks, with a total of approximately 200 hours of completion time throughout the program.

Certification courses are asynchronous and self-paced, starting and ending at the same time. Faculty facilitation is incorporated to allow opportunities for students to connect with faculty, such as mentoring and collaborative sessions to support student needs. Mentoring and collaborative sessions are synchronized and scheduled via Zoom.

The Construction Management Professional Certificate program is beneficial to individuals looking for an entry-level position in construction management. The certificate creates the opportunity to start a construction management career path.

There is no cost to Amazon associates when using the voucher application through Amazon Career Choice program at Program value: $2,625

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