Eulalia D., Class of 2020

National University Graduation
and Retention Rates Explained

Eulalia D. Class of 2020

About Graduation Rates at National University

One of the many questions you may ask when researching universities is what are the college completion rates? The goal of going back to school, after all, is finishing. The graduation rates shown below and on College Scorecard are the percent of all undergraduate degree, credential, and certificate-seeking students who earned an award within eight years.

The Student Right-to-Know Act was enacted in 1990 to help ensure total transparency regarding graduation rates for full-time, first-time students. Each university is responsible for tracking and reporting graduation data to IPEDS. To learn more about the Student Right-to-Know Act, just visit the National Center for Education Statistics website.

However, in conducting your research, keep in mind that the data you find may not be 100% reflective of National University’s total student body, as a majority of our students are adult learners who are not first-time, full-time students. Learn more about NU’s Institutional Data.

National University is unique – we are a credible, accredited, and respected institution that provides education to individuals who may have already entered the workforce and are looking to advance. We cater to students with a need for flexible schedules by offering classes online or on-site at locations across California, which are often completed four weeks at a time.

Understanding Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Graduation Rates

We are proud to report that the National University graduation rate of our second-largest population of students is over 70%.

To help you understand the differences between the classifications of students on NU’s college scorecard below, here is a breakdown:

  • First-time, full-time – typically students who have just completed high school and are moving to a traditional, four-year university model and are taking at least 12 credits at a time.
  • Other full-time – students who may have some college experience, or a degree, and are enrolled in at least 12 credits at a time.
  • First-time, part-time – students who have no college experience, and are enrolled in six to eight college credits at a time.
  • Other part-time – students who may have some college experience, or a degree, and are enrolled in at least six to eight credits at a time.

Graduation Rates

Completed within 8 years
First-time, full-time 46%
Other full-time 70%
First-time, part-time 6%
Other part-time 15%

Source: US Dept of Education (College Scorecard)

National University proudly serves a diverse student body consisting mostly of non-traditional students looking to advance their careers and lives. This may include military personnel or Veterans, single parents, or those who want to pursue graduate studies while maintaining a career. We believe in every student who enrolls with National University and are committed to their success.

Success Rate and Career Advancement for National University Students

Not only do National University students reach their goal of graduation, they go on to apply their learnings in the real world. Faculty and staff are often practicing professionals who bring practical teachings to online learning. Graduates are well prepared to advance in their fields, which may mean landing a dream job and an increase in salary.

Here are some testimonials from graduates who have experienced success firsthand as a result of earning a degree from National University:

“Earning my associate, bachelor’s, and master’s from NU has increased not only my writing abilities, knowledge, and professional network, but it allowed me to become more competitive for promotions.”
LaGarian S.,
Class of 2018, Military Servicemember

“My education at National has opened up more opportunities that I didn’t have before. It has challenged me to complete assignments while still being employed full time.”
Jasmine Q.,
Class of 2019

“I have successfully been hired by a company for my dream position.”
Brittany S.,
Class of 2019

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