Business Program Assessment

Business programs are assessed to to improve the educational outcomes in the School. Continuous assessment is a form of feedback that evaluates and assures the quality of our programs.  Assessment includes evaluating individual competencies and program and course objectives. Good assessment also requires us to clearly state learning outcomes and to measure how well we meet those outcomes.

Program Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Business Administration

  • assess the decision role and responsibilities of operations in relation to the student’s specialty;
  • formulate effective application of business theories to business practice needs;
  • demonstrate effective written communication skills using various online  communication mechanisms;
  • apply researching skills to validate factual information; and  
  • apply general principles or methods to specific business situations.  

Master of Business Administration

  • apply theoretical knowledge of business to meaningful personalized professional needs;
  • interpret business principles and the dynamic nature of markets, and organizations in both the public and private sectors; 
  • analyze ethical roles of business within a global society;
  • evaluate and implement existing research into professional practice; and
  • formulate effective written communication skills using various online communication mechanisms.

Doctoral Degrees

  • support effective research methods and strategies as part of dissertation manuscript development;
  • interpret and evaluate conclusions derived from research in business administration and the student’s specialization;
  • adapt qualitative and quantitative tools to perform effective business analysis;
  • formulate research dissertations that contribute scholarly solutions to business issues, problems, and challenges within the global society; and 
  • apply skills in relation to accessing, evaluating and preparing scholarly materials in print and electronic forms as related to business in general and to the student’s specialization.

ACBSP Reporting

Graduation and Completion Data