2005-01-24 National University System Introduces School of Media and Communication

Degrees in cutting-edge technologies accessible in National University’s unique learning format

La Jolla, Calif. Dr. Jerry C. Lee, Chancellor of the National University System, responded to evolving needs of the media marketplace by launching a School of Media and Communication within National University to educate students in cutting-edge media and communication technologies.

Offered in National University's unique and convenient accelerated learning format, this new school will be a destination for students interested in associates, bachelors and masters degrees in digital film-making, digital television production and engineering, video gaming, journalism and public relations. The school will have a significant base in Los Angeles and southern California and will subsequently expand to other National University campuses. 

"After extensive consultation with leaders in the film, entertainment and mass communication industry, we're prepared to offer a customized education solution that will produce a relevant and compelling skill set," said Dr. Lee, chancellor of the National University System and president of National University.  "National University has created an accessible, state-of-the-art, comprehensive education in advanced media and communication technologies that will rival any program on the market."

The School of Media and Communication is designed to respond to the systemic developments within the academic and industrial marketplace. The School will address accelerating employment trends that project substantial growth in the following sectors through 2012:

  • Internet publishing and broadcasting jobs will grow by 41.1%
  • Broadcast technicians and computer specialists will grow between 37% and 50%
  • Producers' and directors' positions will grow by 40%
  • Demand for writers and editors will increase by more than 30%
  • Public relations jobs will grow by more than 37%

    (U. S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, accessed April 2004; http://www.bls.gov/)

The School of Media and Communication will be a nexus point for a variety of activities. Degree programs will focus on evolving technologies and disciplines, such as digital filmmaking and integrated multimedia, as well as on traditional media, like journalism and speech communication. National University is committed to building a state of the art digital lab to support these academic programs. This new lab would be in addition to the current Center for Documentary and Broadcasting Studies, a "demo" center where students can currently acquire practical hands-on skills in all aspects of traditional and emerging production, like digital film, graphics, and webcasting.

The school will leverage National University's extensive connections in the communities in which it operates and create partnerships so students can gain practical experience in their specialties through internships and job opportunities. 

In keeping with National University's reputation for serving a variety of communities and learners, it will offer scholarships for the school through national minority media associations to encourage interest in its program and in multi-cultural media and communication careers. The school will serve cross-border communities in southern California and build on strong ties to Spanish-speaking media outlets by hiring adjunct faculty who are prepared to teach Hispanic and Latino students.

For more information regarding National University's School of Media and Communication, please contact David Neville, director of information and community relations, at (858) 642-8163.

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