National University’s Artificial Intelligence Program to Commence Summer 2022

National Science Foundation’s $20 million grant, in partnership with other prominent colleges, funds the new specialization for Master of Science, Data Science in Artificial Intelligence & Optimization

San Diego, CA – August 3, 2022 – National University, as part of a National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored initiative, launches a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) specialization for advances in Optimization in the MS Data Science program. This new specialization will educate a diverse workforce to accelerate fundamental AI capabilities and pursue research and practical application of AI and machine learning across a wide plethora of industries, including engineering, healthcare, computer science, business, and cybersecurity.

In July 2021, to advance and achieve groundbreaking heights in AI nationwide, NSF awarded a $20 million grant to form an AI Institute from a partnership of prestigious universities led by the University of California, San Diego, and including  National University, Yale University,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  University of Pennsylvania, and  University of Texas at Austin. Together, these universities form The Institute for Learning-enabled Optimization at Scale (TILOS)

“This is a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with some of the most prestigious universities in the world to create a state-of-the-art curriculum and bring AI and Optimization education to National University’s students,” said NU Associate Dean for the College of Law and Public Service, Dr. Jodi Reeves, who is the Associate Director for Education and Workforce Development for TILOS.

National University has designed an MS Data Science curriculum that meets the current needs of the industry and now includes four specializations: Artificial Intelligence and Optimization, Business Analytics, Database Analytics, and Health Analytics. These specializations equip students with industry-current and cutting-edge credentials needed to succeed in the field as data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, and business intelligence analysts in a variety of industries.

“The design of the curriculum matches what industry is looking for: a blend of business, computer science, and statistical analysis skills,” said Dr.  Reeves. “The Master of Science in Data Science enables our students to apply statistical methods to solve real-world business problems and prepare for careers in industry.”

Topics of study in the future-focused AI specialization include python programming for data science applications, optimization methods, neural networks, deep learning, model deployment in the cloud, and special topics in AI/Optimization based on TILOS foundational and applied research in computer chip design, robotics, and communication networks.

With the rapid advance in technology, the existing workforce must update their skills more frequently. We have worked closely with industry leaders to build an openly accessible program with continuous, long-term learning and skills renewal as its key tenet.

The MS Data Science program starts July 2022 with new student starts quarterly, in July and October 2022 as well as January and April 2023. The first AI specialization class starts August 2022.

The NSF requested a total of $868 million in AI initiatives, which Congress has approved. The NSF awarded a total of $220 million to 11 different partnerships as part of the National Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes Program with each institute receiving approximately $20 million.

For more information about the MS Data Science program visit  Master of Science in Data Science – National University (

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