National University System affiliates National University and John F. Kennedy University to share campus, resources in Costa Mesa

  • Shared campus follows National University System’s unique model for higher education
  • Expansion will mark first Southern California presence for JFK University
  • Faculty, admissions representatives, and classroom space all included in expansion

COSTA MESA, CALIF. – Pleasant Hill, California-based John F. Kennedy University, which has been serving students in the East San Francisco Bay Area for more than 45 years, will be expanding to Southern California for the first time in its history when it opens a new location at National University’s campus in Costa Mesa, National University System Chancellor Jerry C. Lee announced today.

By sharing space at the Costa Mesa campus, National University and JFK University will be providing their students and faculty with better services and support through shared resources. Moreover, a third affiliate of the System, Westmed College, will be expanding its offerings to the Costa Mesa campus in the near future, providing increased access for potential students to all three of the affiliates’ programs. A similar situation already exists at National University’s longstanding location in San Jose, where National University and Westmed College share a campus.

The expansion by JFK University to Costa Mesa will include faculty, admissions representatives, and classroom space. JFK University initially will be offering two of its most innovative programs at the new location, including a Master of Arts in Sport Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts completion program in Health Sciences. Future plans include the expansion of more JFK University programs to Costa Mesa.

National University is the flagship institution of the National University System, a network of affiliated institutions offering innovative educational programs to a diverse population of students that are relevant to their lives, career, and the marketplace. JFK University became an affiliate of the National University System in 2009.

“Since its inception, the National University System has been dedicated to offering multiple pathways to quality educational offerings to a diverse population of lifelong learners,” said Chancellor Lee. “JFK University’s affiliation with the System and the expansion of its programs to Southern California are reflective of the National University System’s unique model and ability to adapt to the evolving needs of higher education and the marketplace.”

“John F. Kennedy University is both pleased and proud to be able to provide educational opportunities to students in Southern California,” said Steve Stargardter, President of JFK University. “We are excited to connect with an entirely new community of students while providing challenging, cutting edge programs and certificates. We all look forward to the first of what will be many years of providing exciting programs and certificates to students in and around Costa Mesa.”

The Master of Arts Sport Psychology program at JFK University has earned the distinction of being one of the few in the United States that integrates performance enhancement techniques, counseling and sport science. The coursework provides students with a breadth of knowledge in research, theory, counseling, psychopathology, kinesiology, sport injury and the application of psychology to areas like optimized athletic performance, at-risk youth, and group dynamics.

The Bachelor of Arts completion program in Health Sciences prepares student to apply integrative models to the study of living systems and to engage in society’s major questions concerning health risk and health outcome through the lens of public health. The program’s holistic curriculum is designed to foster an understanding of the factors, conditions, interrelationships, and interactions which stimulate, sustain, or impede human potential.

Since its foundation in 1964, JFK University has been a pioneer in higher education, providing working adults with lifelong learning opportunities. The University’s students, many of whom balance full-time jobs and family responsibilities, embark on an educational experience that combines the benefit of an interactive, student-focused classroom with the convenience of evening and weekend schedules and easily accessible campus locations.

About the National University System
The National University System was established to meet the emerging challenges and demands of education in the 21st century. The System is uniquely aligned to connect a diverse population of students to a network of innovative educational programs that are relevant to their lives, careers, and the marketplace and are delivered in a format that respects competing life priorities. Dr. Jerry C. Lee has served as the System’s Chancellor since it was founded in 2001. The affiliates of the System are National University; John F. Kennedy University; National University International; the Division of Pre-College Programs, which includes National University Virtual High School and National University Academy; Spectrum Pacific Learning Company LLC; and WestMed College. Entities related to the System include the National University System Institute for Policy Research, Center for Integrative Health, and National University Golf Academy.

About John F. Kennedy University
Founded in 1964, John F. Kennedy University was among the first institutions of higher education in California committed to lifelong learning for adults. Today, the University’s five schools and one division provide innovative higher education opportunities to more than 2,000 working men and women who, despite a full range of life responsibilities, are determined to advance their education and improve their future. A pioneer of education that integrates theory and practice, John F. Kennedy University and its students touch the lives of more than 30,000 people in Bay Area communities every year through their support of outreach centers and public programs. Dr. Steven Stargardter has served as President of John F. Kennedy University since 2004.

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