Study Abroad

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As a National University student or alumni, you have the opportunity to enrich your educational experience by participating in our study abroad program.

National University is connected with universities from around the world, allowing you to go on faculty-led excursions to such countries as: Germany, China, France, India, Brazil, Cambodia, Japan, Argentina, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, and more.

Study abroad opportunities are designed to directly align with your specific area of study—so you can receive invaluable hands-on experiences, as well as enhance your understanding of a diverse culture. For example, if you’re in the Master’s program for public health, you can explore the public health care system of Cambodia. Or, you can learn about global marketing developments in India if you’re in the Bachelor of Arts program for integrated marketing communications.

Immerse yourself in a foreign culture, develop new language skills, form new, lifelong relationships, and return home with a lifetime of great memories and new skills.

For information about upcoming study aboard program excursions, please contact the Office of International Affairs.

Office of International Affairs
(858) 541-7747
[email protected]