Inclusive Excellence

Who We Are

The Office of Inclusive Excellence is deeply relational and collaborative working with members across the university to facilitate accessible, inclusive, and meaningful working and learning experiences. The office is responsible for crafting and implementing the S-JEDI strategy pertaining to academics and will do so with the support of the S-JEDI Council. S-JEDI and Inclusive Excellence are foundational elements in the strategic plan and the Office will work in service of the mission and vision to deliver accessible, inclusive, and meaningful learning to contribute to the positive transformation of society.

Access, Affordability, & Success

Assist the University with increasing diversity among faculty, staff, and student bodies. Support efforts to measure and track outcomes for faculty, staff, and students through an S-JEDI lens. Provide guidance and oversight in examining and mitigating equity gaps. Partner with responsible bodies as we increase affordability for students to ensure we are doing so through an S-JEDI lens.


Support the deepening of inclusive and equitable learning and working environments.

Education, Research & Training

Support the developing capacity for meaningfully integrating S-JEDI in scholarship, curriculum, teaching, professional development, and other activities.

Infrastructure & Operational Strategy

Inform policies, procedures, planning, and communication structures that enable sustained and systemic integration of S-JEDI. Assist with building capacity to enable inclusive excellence practices across the institution through organizational structure, data equity, and resources.

Advancement, Community Engagement, & Strategic Planning

Leverage and maximize our capacity to have the greatest social and financial impact on the communities we serve.