Lorena S. & Jackson M., Class of 2016; Class of 2021, Military Veteran

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Lorena S. & Jackson M. Class of 2016; Class of 2021, Military Veteran

Building and Serving Communities Nationwide

What’s the most critical industry in the U.S.? The Help Industry.

Today, nearly 20% of the U.S. population works in “helping” fields, such as nursing, health care, public safety, and education. These everyday heroes are our teachers, school administrators, health care professionals, public safety officials, firefighters, EMTs, nonprofit leaders — individuals who dedicate themselves to building, serving, and protecting our communities.

Over 70% of National University students work or study in these fields, and we’ve made it our mission to fuel the Help Industry by providing affordable, accessible education designed to help hard-working adults make a difference in this critical sector.

We’re also calling on leaders of businesses and organizations nationwide to become part of the Help Industry. No matter what field you’re in, you can join the Help Industry by donating to nonprofits, developing community-impacting programs, and supporting the educational and career growth of your employees.

Ready to advance your career in a helping profession or explore ways your business can join the Help Industry? Check out our resources below to get started.

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Workforce Education Solutions is rethinking the way we approach students and collaboration with industry partners to identify organizational needs and help businesses attract, educate, and retain great employees. WES offers targeted solutions through education and hiring partnerships and training and development.

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