Faculty Operations

Who We Are

The Faculty Operations team is an administrative department supporting the Office of the Provost in operations related to both Full­ Time (FTF) and Part-Time faculty (PTF). We are a diverse team whose collaborative approach allows for bridging gaps across departments from HR -Talent and Development, Academic Schools, Academic Advising/Enrollment, and Academic Program Scheduling.


The team manages and tracks both Full-Time and Part-Time faculty staffing, workload, university compliance training, and instructional professional development. Additionally, the team collects and records all faculty transcripts and CVs to validate faculty qualifications, administers annual faculty agreements, instructional agreements and payroll processes related to PT timecards. Throughout the merger, this team has merged operations related to FTF including faculty performance plans, faculty annual plans, annual faculty evaluations, academic leave, faculty/student defense scheduling, onboarding, promotions, reappointment, merit and ensuring alignment to various university processes and the faculty handbook.

Academic Operation Specialists (AOS)

The Academic Operation Specialists (AOS), and Faculty Staffing team support each school ensuring all class-based and 1: 1 modality course sections are staffed and issue teaching agreements where applicable while ensuring PTF stays below the maximum total hours in a work week. The team is often a liaison between the PTF and APD, and other support services. In collaboration with the Academic Program Scheduling (APS) team, the AOS team facilitates the class-based scheduling meeting to ensure course offerings are scheduled appropriately, optimizing the full classroom size, while ensuring low enrolled classes are considered for sliding scale.

Contact Coordinators

The contract coordinators assist in issuing university contracts to faculty including both FT and PT for additional services including but not limited to course development, course upgrades and service contracts for services that fall outside of the faculty’s normal duties, utilizing a third-party contracting system, Agiloft.