Building a Bridge to Online Teaching

The landscape of Pre-K-12 education has changed almost overnight. In response, National University, a leader in online education, is partnering with Sanford Programs to present “Building a Bridge to Online Teaching,” a webinar series designed to help educators navigate the transition to the virtual classroom.

The weekly series of five interactive webinars, held every Friday from April 24-May 22, is presented by leaders and educators from the National University System academic community. Throughout the series, you’ll gain the insights and support needed to develop successful online teaching strategies and build healthy relationships with students as you support their learning during unprecedented times.

Register for each of the sessions in “Building a Bridge to Online Teaching” for access to the “High Five” of online teaching resources. Each of the five webinars addresses a specific topic to enrich your teaching skills and improve the learning experience for your students. The webinars will conclude with Q&A sessions, where you ensure your voice is heard and you have everything you need to thrive in the virtual classroom!

Our experienced panel of educators are excited to guide your transition to new virtual teaching opportunities as you inspire your students to learn with curiosity and innovation. Register today to reserve your spots in each session!

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Past Webinars

April 24, 2020

Session I – The Top Five Most Important Strategies to Be an Effective Virtual Teacher

Panel discussion presented by: Dr. Steve Halfaker, Retired Superintendent and Online Professor; Dr. Nancy Rohland, Executive VP, National University; Dr. Colin Marlaire, Vice Provost, Northcentral University; Dr. Andrew Shean CAO, National Education Partners; and Dr. Shannon McCarty, VP Teaching and Learning, National University

Our panel of experts will kick off the “High Five” with a discussion of best practices you can implement in the initial transition from traditional classroom instruction to the online learning space. Each of these experienced educators will share specific ideas and answer questions that will give you a strong foundation and a taste of what the series holds in the weeks to come.

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May 1, 2020

Session II – Creating Digital Presence in the Virtual Classroom

Presented by: Dr. Andrew Shean, CAO, National Education Partners

Join Dr. Andy Shean – online leader and former PUSD district Teacher of the Year – to learn best practices and tools for manifesting yourself in the digital space as a real human. Dr. Shean will share advice for building a sense of connection with students while fostering curiosity and reflection. Together, you’ll tackle important questions, such as: “How does one inspire a student to be a curious, critical thinker, and a self-directed learner with a reflective lens?”

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May 8, 2020

Session III – Teaching through Engagement in the Virtual Classroom

Presented by: Dr. Colin Marlaire, Vice Provost, Northcentral University

Dr. Colin Marlaire holds more than 15 years’ experience in high school and higher education as a teacher and an academic administrator. Learn the best practices for student engagement and online instructional feedback and assessment Dr. Marlaire has developed throughout his career. You’ll gain insight to the most effective tools and strategies for helping students stay engaged with their studies and with you as the instructor.

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May 15, 2020

Session IV – Practical Application for Teaching STEAM in a Virtual Classroom

Presented by: Dr. Shannon McCarty, VP, Teaching and Learning, National University

With an expansive career in physical science education and academic affairs, Dr. Shannon McCarty will lead our webinar about teaching STEAM, STEM, and disciplines that rely on a lab learning environment. You’ll learn new approaches to these particularly challenging subjects to teach in the virtual classroom. Dr. McCarty will address key questions, including “What are some resources, ideas and go-to strategies that save the day for STEAM teachers?”

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May 22, 2020

Session V – The Future of Virtual Education: What’s Next?

Presented by: Dr. Michael Kolodziej, VP of Operations, ELM Learning

This is just the beginning of the virtual learning evolution. Join Dr. Michael Kolodziej for a discussion on new models for situated and applied learning, and opportunities this brings for the online learning space. You’ll be looking ahead to the ways education will likely change, and what you can do to adapt and thrive as an educator in exciting, albeit challenging, times.

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