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National University Statement of Academic Freedom

The National University Faculty Handbook, approved by the National University Board of Trustees on July 29, 2022, defines Academic Freedom in Section 1.4 as follows:

1.4 Academic Freedom
The University supports academic freedom as a right and a responsibility within the academy. As a right, academic freedom ensures the freedom of thought and expression as it applies to the artfulness of teaching, as well as discipline / subject content publication, oral presentation, and extramural activities. Academic freedom as a responsibility includes specific, intentional, learning-science based strategies and andragogical interventions, which will be designed collaboratively across academic stakeholders. While faculty members have the right to choose and use external, third-party materials (for example “textbook”) that they deem appropriate to program or course outcomes in their classes, those materials, syllabi and all content must adhere to the design standards as outlined by the president and provost office. Academic freedom grants faculty members the liberty to teach, pursue, discuss knowledge, do research, and publish the research results. In the classroom, faculty have the right to teach and say what they believe to be pertinent to the subject at hand.