Dr. Sara Kelly

Sara Kelly is a professor in the Department of Professional Studies in the College of Professional Studies. She is author of The Entrepreneurial Journalist’s Toolkit: Manage Your Media (Routledge, 2015) and Personal Branding for Entrepreneurial Journalists and Creative Professionals (Routledge, 2017). She also produced and directed the 2015 documentary Model Citizens, available on Amazon Prime Video. She has an Ed.D. from Widener University, an MBA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and an MFA in creative writing from Brown University. She was a journalist and longtime editor at the Philadelphia Weekly.


  • Kelly, S. J.. (2015). The Entrepreneurial Journalist's Toolkit: Manage Your Media,. Focal Press.
  • Kelly, S. J.. (n.d.). Personal Branding for Entrepreneurial Journalists and Creative Professionals. Focal Press Routledge.
Dr. Sara Kelly

Contact Information

Dr. Sara Kelly

College: College of Professional Studies

Department: Professional Studies

Academic Program Director: Bachelor of Public Administration
[email protected]

Torrey Pines South Campus


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