Dr. Deborah Le Blanc

Dr. Deborah Sims LeBlanc has more than 40 years in public affairs administration. She is a Professor at National University in the College of Law and Public Service. She serves as a public affairs consultant to numerous civic and non-profit organizations and associations. Dr. LeBlanc has outstanding experiences in public management theory and practice, organizational theory and behavior, human resource management and workforce diversity for the City Council of Los Angeles, Community Development Commission of the County of Los Angeles and the Center for Community and Family Services in Carson. She is an advocate of academic quality and educational access. Dr. LeBlanc was publicly elected to the Compton Community College District in 2009 – present; and serves as Board President of the Board of Trustees, Compton College District, representing the City of Paramount, parts of Long Beach, Downey, and Bellflower, California.

Dr. LeBlanc has considerable expertise in leadership development and strategic planning, applied human resources management, work groups, team building, and organizational assessment. LeBlanc offers clients diverse experience in management consulting with strong skill based in organizational development and project management with the Africa – USA Chamber of Commerce, Community Family Educational Services Foundation, Inc. (CFES), Friends of the Library, and Chamber of Commerce in Paramount. She has helped her clients build a variety of multifaceted programs from concept to delivery with the Center for Community and Family Services where designed, conducted and evaluated successful programs in Spanish and English for Child Care Providers at five separate locations. She also designed and implemented Staff Development training for teachers and administrators of Early Childhood Education. She is an international traveler and motivational speaker.

Dr. LeBlanc received a D.P.A. from the University of La Verne, CA; M.P.A. from the University of Southern California; and B.A. from California State Polytechnic University and other masters’ degrees from NU. She was National President of the Conference of Minority Public Administrators (COMPA). Dr. LeBlanc is a life member of the American Society of Public Administration (ASPA).


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headshot of Dr. Deborah Le Blanc. She has short wavy hair and a blue suit with a pearl necklace.

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