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Department of Information Systems & Technology Management

The Department of Information Systems & Technology Management is helping to shape the future of technology-driven industries. Our focus on cutting-edge strategies backed by personal attention from our faculty, ensures that students are equipped with the tools to tackle the operational, tactical, and strategic challenges of information systems and technology management. Carefully crafted course content incorporates practical views and culminates with a powerful capstone project that allows students to apply valuable knowledge and skills to real-world scenarios.

With a range of undergraduate, graduate, and PhD degree options, our market-driven curriculums and hands-on experiences provide students with a comprehensive understanding of technology integration within organizations and the decision-making processes that drive success. Whether you aspire to be a technology leader, project manager, cybersecurity expert, computer scientist, or systems analyst, our programs are designed to provide the personal attention necessary for dissertation success, the guidance to excel in interviews, and the strong academic foundation essential for thriving in today’s technology-driven workplace.

Dr. Rob Sapp, Department Chair
Dr. Frank Appunn, Acting Director

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