Dr. Janet Baker

Honors and Awards

  • 2010, Professoriate Award
  • 2000, Distinguished Teaching Award


  • Baker, J.. (2018). Untitled poem. Bottle Rockets, Windsor, CT (2018).
  • Baker, J.. (2017). Featured Poet. Words and Music Poetry Series..
  • Baker, J.. (2015). Poem “Two Hearts.”. Magee Park Poets Anthology 2015.
  • Baker, J.. (2015). Poem “The Lost Egret”. Adanna Literary Journal (2015).
  • Baker, J.. (2015). Poems “Through the Window” and “Certainty.”. San Diego Poetry Annual Anthology 2015.
  • Baker, J. (2011). Featured poet, with John Fox (President, Institute for Poetic Medicine), Lynn Pollack, and Jim Hornsby. My Looking Ripens Things (2011).


  • Baker, J. (2014). Return the Root. Art presented at the .
  • Baker, J. (2014). Stretch the Earth. Art presented at the .
  • Baker, J. (2013). With Mother at Hot Springs. Art presented at the , Black Earth, WI.
Dr. Janet Baker

Contact Information

Dr. Janet Baker

College: School of Arts, Letters, and Sciences

Department: Arts & Humanities

[email protected]

(858) 642-8472

Torrey Pines South Campus


University of Florida - PHD - English