What Will I Learn With a Master’s in Homeland Security?

What Will I Learn With a Master's in Homeland Security?

What Will I Learn With a Master's in Homeland Security?

What happens after a natural disaster or catastrophic event, such as an earthquake or a mass shooting? How do you implement the search and rescue? How do you facilitate the recovery? How do you communicate updates to the media and the public? How do you build a recovery plan? A master’s in homeland security and emergency management gives you the training to answer these questions.

When you enroll in National University’s Master of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management, you will learn to answer questions like these and prepare to handle issues related to manmade and natural disasters.

Margaret S. Price, J.D. says National’s program takes a deep-dive into all facets and best practices of homeland security and emergency management.

“Students will learn ‘all-hazards approach’ regarding natural and manmade emergencies,” she says. “They learn how to coordinate with government agencies such as FEMA, and entities on a city, state, and county level.”

Homeland Security Course Curriculum Will Heighten Your Skills

Homeland Security Course Curriculum Will Heighten Your SkillsThe United States and the world is a different place after 9/11. During your studies in a master’s in emergency management program like the one at National, you’ll hone the skills necessary to address the response to, and the effects of, terrorism in the United States and abroad. For example, the curriculum investigates how to protect infrastructures — such as bridges, water sources, and other lifelines of a city or town — that could be in jeopardy from an attack or natural disaster. In your classes, you’ll also learn about how to integrate and collaborate with all the resources and organizational systems necessary to implement effective homeland security and emergency management plans. You’ll develop the skills to assess the potential impact to the public and to communities of security, terrorism, and emergency management situations and you’ll develop the expertise necessary to harness communication efforts and work with the media during any crisis situation.

The curriculum is designed so that you will also gain a better understanding of constantly evolving policies. Your homeland security classes will explore state and federal law and how to handle the dynamic when you’re in a jurisdiction where those laws differ. Finally, since we live in a broader global arena, the curriculum also focuses on training security and emergency management specialists who can bring a global mindset to risk assessment and response strategies.

Technology is a Big Part of the Master’s in Homeland Security

Information and data protection is also a critical part of national security. National’s program also addresses this as part of its core curriculum. This focus is valuable for both the private or government sectors, especially when you consider the increase in data breaches.

As a student in a homeland security program, you also will learn how to administer plans to protect valuable data within your corporation or organization, making sure your employees, clients, and vendors are not at risk of a breach. You’ll also explore legal and ethical issues as they pertain to cybersecurity.

Learning Tailored for You

At National University, you will have the opportunity to achieve your educational goals in a way that fits your life and learning style. Price explains the program developed the course material and designed the structure and schedule with the busy adult learner in mind.

“We understand some people are visual or auditory learners, so we present the material in a variety of formats,” she says. “Our courses are also set up so that someone who is hearing impaired or visually impaired can succeed in our program.”

Price adds that courses use a mix of textbooks and, especially in more dynamic courses, a curated reading and video list. This ensures you’re getting the most up-to-date information.

When you pursue your master’s in homeland security at National University, you will be learning theory and practice from some of the best in the field.

“We have absolute rock star instructors. People who were on the front lines during September 11. People who have been at man-made disasters, people who have run rescue missions,” Price explains. “Our students rave about how much they learn from the real-life experiences of our instructors.”

Take the Next Step 

Whether you plan to pursue the homeland security course curriculum through an online degree or on-site, you will get personal interaction with instructors who are truly passionate about teaching. Learn more about National University’s Master of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management by visiting our program page.

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