What Is a Management BA?

What Is a Management BA?

Becoming an organizational leader requires individuals to have certain skills and knowledge to effectively manage business operations, teams, budgets, and more. Many of the world’s most prominent business leaders started out by earning a management B.A. degree.

Earning a bachelor’s in organizational management prepares students for the demands of being a corporate leader, with the ability for aspiring business professionals to further specialize by adding a minor in human resources, marketing, project management, or another related area. There are plenty of careers graduates can pursue after earning their degree, and National University provides adult learners with a flexible curriculum that will allow them to pursue higher education in a way that’s most convenient for their busy schedules.

What is a Management B.A. Degree?

Bachelor’s programs in organizational management are designed to help students develop the skills needed to become effective business leaders. During the course of their studies, aspiring corporate leaders will learn the following:

  • Basic functions of business management and its effect on organizational operations.
  • How to analyze and apply theories in management, leadership, and motivation in real-world situations.
  • Understand theories in organizational behavior, communications, and change, and how each affects the business overall.
  • Learn the legal, economic, and cultural implications of conducting business at the international level.

Management of organizations can cover a number of topics, including human resources, accounting, business ethics, global operations, and economics. By t adding concentration areas — such as marketing or project management —  to their studies, students illustrate increased value to their potential employers and can gain a competitive edge over other job-seekers.

In addition to the knowledge they’ll gain in their classes, many business professionals benefit from their innate skills. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the following skills can help  business leaders achieve greater success:

  • Communication.
  • Decision-making.
  • Leadership.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Time-management.

Students will have the opportunity to further develop these skills through specific coursework, such as National University’s courses in Intro to Leadership or Principles of Management & Organizations.

Available Careers in Organizational Management

Because a management B.A. degree covers a wide variety of topics, graduates are eligible to pursue many paths. The following illustrates a few available career choices for those earning their degree in the management of organizations:

  • Chief Executive Officers: These are the individuals responsible for key decision-making processes within a business, managing large numbers of people on a day-to-day basis. Depending on their area of expertise, chief executives can have specific roles as chief operations officers, chief financial officers, and more. The average salary for a CEO in California is $228,270, according to the BLS.
  • Human Resources Manager: Those working as human resources managers are responsible for hiring, training, and recruiting employees. Additionally, they come up with specific policies for acceptable organizational behaviors and aid in providing the business with options for healthcare, financial, and other employee benefits. Human resources managers in California earn an average of $142,870 annually.
  • Logistician: Individuals specializing in the logistical functions of an organization are often responsible for product-specific processes, including acquisition, distribution, internal allocation, delivery, and more. The average logistician in California earns $84,260 annually.

To stand out among competitors in the job market, candidates should take advantage of any professional development opportunities offered at their university. For example,  National University advisors are happy to assist with identifying experiences such as internships and work-for-hire programs.

Bachelor of Arts in Management Program at National University

Bachelor of Arts in Management Program at National University Adult learners seeking a career in management might consider the Bachelor of Arts in Management program at National University. Designed for working professionals, National’s flexible class schedules accommodate already busy work and life obligations. Rather than multiple classes over a semester, National students  focus on one course at a time

National University’s Bachelor of Arts in Management program offers students the opportunity to concentrate their studies in the following areas:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  • Business Law.
  • Economics.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Marketing.
  • Project Management.

With a flexible class schedule designed with the adult learner in mind and comprehensive concentration offerings, National University will prepare you for lifelong success in your future business management career. Submit your application today so you can begin our management B.A. degree program and prepare for a brighter future.

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