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Universities in Southern California

Need a flexible way to take your career to the next level? It’s time to start thinking about online degrees. Among universities in Southern California, La Jolla-based National University is consistently ranked in the top five online colleges. Given the increasing demand for online education, National University has been at the forefront for 20 years, providing interactive learning using state-of-the-art technology.

“I think online programs, in general, have really come a very long way, says Brigitte Maheu, Online Center Director for National University. “People who had challenges in going to the actual classroom and learning from an instructor in a lecture environment —those issues are quickly coming to an end. As a practical application, the work is so much more important, and that’s where I think online education is starting to thrive. Oftentimes people are learning more in their online education programs than they learned and retained while on an actual campus.”.

Choose From Over 90 Degree Programs

At National University, you’re not limited to a handful of programs as you may be at another university in Southern California. You’ll find a variety of both bachelor and master degree programs, from business and marketing to healthcare and nursing – all available 100% online so you can learn at your convenience 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The online programs are the same high-quality education as the on-campus programs. You’ll even find some programs you may not find elsewhere: “Our Masters of Forensic Sciences is something that we definitely have students contacting us about all the time because it’s not a program that is found very easily. Another one would be our Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing,” notes Ms. Maheu.

Accelerated, to Fit Your Fast Pace of Life

“All of our online programs have a four-week course format where you only take one class at a time for four weeks in length, so it’s an accelerated program,” explains Ms. Maheu. “The classes are very structured, starting normally the first Monday of every single month, so you can really allow yourself to get adjusted to the format and what is going to be expected of you each week of the month and kind of plan ahead.” The structure is designed to offer students a quicker path to online degrees.

Adult Learners Welcome

National University online degrees offer flexibility, whether you’re juggling work, family life or military duties. “We’re geared toward the working adult who is trained to manage multiple different things in his or her life but has the motivation to earn a degree now,” Ms. Maheu observes. “Our most successful students in the program are definitely adult learners, the students who have tried to go to school multiple different times in their lives and it just has never worked out for them. We create a very comfortable environment for those who come here to be successful.”

Learn From Those Actually Working in the Field You’re Studying

At National, you’ll benefit from instructors who aren’t just steeped in academia; they possess practical knowledge gleaned from actually working in the field. “We’re very fortunate in the sense that our programs are taught oftentimes by adjunct faculty. So these are people who are professionals in the field in which they’re teaching. Let’s take as an example, accounting instructors. They could be CPAs, they could own their own accounting firm and they’re actually teaching you your accounting course. You’re getting the opportunity to learn from people who are actually doing this in their day-to-day work, as opposed to somebody who may have been an instructor for 30 straight years and not actually pursuing that as a full-time job,” states Ms. Maheu.

Meet Your Goals Without Sacrificing Your Life or Income

National’s flexible educational programs allow you to maintain a busy life and work schedule,  feel confident in the program you’re choosing to further your education and meet your goals. “We don’t want to put you in a situation where you would feel overwhelmed and unable to complete the program; a lot of our students want to finish something that they’ve already started. We offer them the opportunity and support to do it,” says Ms. Maheu.

Are you ready to get started on an online degree? Learn more about National University in Southern California and its online degrees on our program page.

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