New Research Shows Key Factors to Land an AI Job

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A new research study from National University examined the key factors in landing an AI job. Close to 15,000 job postings on were analyzed to gain insights into experience-level requirements, preferred education, and remote work opportunities. The study also examined the skills employers are looking for.

Key takeaways

  • More than three-quarters of AI job openings give preference to candidates with a Master’s degree.
  • Mid-level experience professionals are the most sought after, with close to half the job postings, followed by Senior level and Entry level.
  • Remote work opportunities are very limited, with only 11% of job openings being advertised as remote.
  • AI jobs demand both technical expertise and strong management and communication skills.

Education requirement

Landing an AI job with no experience and no degrees is almost impossible. Having a Bachelor’s degree, or even a Master’s degree, is essential to apply to most positions. Two-thirds of job openings required a Master’s degree or at least indicated a preference for a candidate with that level of education.

Experience Requirement

Similarly, AI job openings predominantly target experienced professionals. Mid-level positions account for almost half the job openings, followed by senior-level and entry-level roles. A small fraction of AI job openings do not require prior experience.

Remote Work Opportunities

Job openings focused on AI are more frequent in areas where AI innovation and development are already well-established. Being located in those regions is a main advantage, as remote work options remain limited within the industry. Analysis reveals that only a small fraction of AI job openings offer fully remote positions, with a slightly higher number of roles classified as hybrid, combining remote and in-person work arrangements.

Required Skills

AI job openings are not focused only on technical positions but cover a wide spectrum, from content creation to developers. Interestingly, an in-depth word analysis of 30 job offers showed that skills in management and communication are key for most of those positions.


We conducted a comprehensive search on, focusing on full-time job listings containing the keyword “AI” across the United States. Subsequently, we analyzed 14,889 job postings to get insights into experience-level and education requirements, as well as remote work opportunities. We selected 30 job openings and ran a word analysis on their qualification requirement section. The data was retrieved on May 30, 2024. Learn more about AI Statistics and Trends.

Person doing a presentation at a whiteboard showing the Key Factors to Land an AI Job


The findings from this National University study highlight the competitive nature of the AI job market. Advanced degrees and relevant experience are critical for candidates aiming to secure a position in this field. While remote work opportunities are limited, being located in key AI innovation hubs can provide an advantage. Employers are not only looking for technical skills but also value management and communication abilities, making a well-rounded skill set essential for success in AI roles.

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