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Cybersecurity Classes You Can Take For Career Advancement

Cybersecurity Classes You Can Take For Career Advancement

Cybersecurity Classes You Can Take For Career Advancement

Cybercrime is on the rise.

According to Symantec’s 2019 Internet Security Report, in 2018 these growing online threats included:

  • An average of 4,800 websites compromised each month by formjacking attacks — crimes in which JavaScript code is used to steal personal information from website checkout pages.
  • A 12 percent increase in ransomware attacks against enterprises, a strategy that was previously associated with consumers.
  • A 78 percent increase in supply chain attacks, in which an organization is attacked through an outside vendor.

“Most every major company is or has been breached,” says Professor Bill Reid, academic program director of National University’s cybersecurity degree programs. “It just varies by what was targeted during the breach, and how widely the incident was publicized.”

As cybercrime grows, so does the demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals who are equipped to combat these threats in a variety of contexts. Do you have the skills and strategies you need to thrive in one of these exciting roles? Whether you already work in the field or are an aspiring online security professional, there are a number of timely cybersecurity classes you can take for career advancement.

Get an Inside Look With a Cybersecurity Class in Ethical Hacking

Ready to put on your white hat? Ethical hackers — or “white hats” — identify online vulnerabilities in order to fix, rather than exploit, these security flaws. In ethical hacking courses, you can get inside the heads of cybercriminals and learn from their own strategies. As an increasing number of organizations turn to ethical hackers to improve their online security, the position has become quite lucrative and job options are varied and growing.

National University’s Ethical Hacking course focuses on common ethical hacking methods while providing hands-on experience with the tools used to test network and systems security. You will additionally explore the planning and execution of penetration tests, and discuss the legal and ethical aspects of such testing.

“Ethical hacking is one of our most popular courses,” Reid said. “You learn a lot about what is going on in the network and how people attack networks and other people. Students love it because they learn how to use all of the tools that hackers are using, so they know what to look for.”

Gather Evidence With Cybersecurity Classes in Digital Forensics

Despite an organization’s best efforts, breaches can still occur. At that point, the company may turn to digital forensics professionals. These individuals come into a network after it has been breached, determine how the hacker got in, and identify what information was taken or otherwise compromised.

In an introductory course on digital forensics, you will examine the basics of computer forensic principles, including the admissibility of electronic evidence, e-evidence collection, and digital forensic examination best practices. The legal and ethical requirements of a digital investigator will also typically be discussed.

When you enroll in the National University online cybersecurity degree program at the bachelor’s level, you have the option to pursue a concentration in digital forensics. In addition to the Introduction to Digital Forensics course, you must complete the Operating Systems Forensics, Network Forensics, and Mobile Device Forensics courses to complete the concentration.

An Online Cybersecurity Degree at National University

If you are ready to launch — or advance — your career in cybersecurity, consider pursuing your degree at National University. Through our bachelors in cybersecurity online program, you can build the in-demand tools and knowledge that today’s employers look for in cybersecurity professional. Upon graduation, you will be prepared for positions in a variety of areas within the field, including security analysis, computer network defense, and computer incident response.

Want to advance your education even further? Explore our Master of Science in Cybersecurity program, an advanced degree designed to address today’s most pressing online security challenges.

Looking for additional information on cybersecurity classes with National University? You can learn more about our cybersecurity online degree or contact us directly.

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