Guide to NU’s Student Academic Success Center

You’ve set your sights on that next big promotion, an exciting new career path, or the opportunity to pursue a subject you’re passionate about. You know earning a college degree is just the ticket, but the whole idea may seem daunting as a working professional.

The good news is you’ll find all the resources you need to succeed at National University’s Academic Success Center (ASC). The center’s mission is to support students in attaining their maximum potential both inside and outside of the classroom. Its trained professionals are devoted to empowering students to conquer challenges and get the most out of their NU experience along the path to graduation.

What Is the Academic Success Center?

The Academic Success Center is your one-stop shop for resources to help you achieve your educational goals. Whether you’re grappling with time management, academic challenges, or simply feeling stagnant, the center can assist you in gaining clarity, cultivating skills, and taking action to create positive change in your life.

The ASC offers one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops, tutoring, and more to help you excel as a student. Better yet, these resources are available to you when you need them —seven days a week via online content, e-mail, chat, or text.

Goals of the ASC

The ASC strives to serve as a model of expertise for personalized online academic support, inspiring student success by offering collaborative and inclusive student-centered assistance. Its objectives include:

  • Promoting the building of connections with peers, faculty, and others through academic coaching
  • Collaborating with faculty and staff to provide students with personalized learning experiences
  • Challenging students to become active participants in their academic journey
  • Promoting inclusivity, antiracism, accessibility, and interdependence
  • Providing multimodal and accessible resources to the university community

Academic Success Center Resources

If you’re going back to the classroom for the first time in a long time, chances are it’s time to brush up on your studying, writing, and math skills. By tapping into NU’s Academic Success Center resources, you can improve these skills while earning your college degree because many of these tools are available 24/7 online.

Read on to learn more about the essential tools and resources available to you to help you excel in your studies at National University. 

General Student Resources

  • Study sessions and workshops: No appointment is necessary to receive the support of an academic coach at a variety of study sessions and workshops that cover everything from writing and mastering software to statistics and qualitative research.
  • Scheduled academic coaching: University Alumni Navigators are available to help you maximize your potential inside and outside the classroom, offering guidance on finding balance, setting goals, developing a growth mindset and success plan, understanding feedback, and more.
  • Online videos: These offer quick tips and tricks for developing academic skills you’ll need to succeed, from effective reading and note-taking to managing test anxiety as you prepare for and take exams.
  • Free premium Grammarly: Students receive instant feedback on spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and more as they work on their papers through this free subscription.

Writing Resources

  • Free writing coaching: For the ultimate cure for writer’s block, NU provides writing coaches for all stages of your project, from concept to conclusion.
  • Writing group sessions: Online interactive group sessions held throughout the week help participants learn how to analyze literature, better understand their assignments, improve the flow of their writing, master the basics of APA Style, and more.
  • Writing guides: NU’s writing guides offer you everything you need to know to ace your research papers — from grammar and punctuation to powerful introductions and conclusions.
  • Affordable proofreading service: Because everyone’s writing improves with a second set of eyes, NU connects you to its team of APA experts with doctoral degrees as a trustworthy and affordable alternative to hiring outside editors. 
  • Academic Writer:  You can stress less about writing a great paper knowing you’ll find all the tools you need here [RD4] to format your paper, add citations, check for errors, and more.
  • APA Style Guide: Once you’ve written, edited, and checked your paper for spelling errors, you can use this resource to make sure you’re following APA format

Math Resources

  • Free math and statistics coaching Regardless of your level of proficiency, it’s reassuring to know you have access to a math coach seven days a week on Zoom.
  • Math Guides. NU provides a collection of guides on a wide range of topics to brush up on rusty math skills or supplement your learning as you take a math course.
  • Statistics Guides. There’s a high level of probability that NU’s statistics resources can help you learn statistics abstract concepts and how they’re connected.

More Resources

  • Teacher Test Prep (RICA, CBEST, and CSET): You have access to test preparation study material in a convenient streamlined format to help you prepare for your specific teacher’s examination.
  • Legal Writing Resources: As you learn the fundamentals of legal writing, you’ll have convenient online access to resources to help you gain confidence and skills in this new discipline.
  • Research Support: No matter your major, NU is here to help you master your research skills.
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When Can I Get Help?

As you juggle work, school, and personal responsibilities, you’ll likely be squeezing in time for coursework during weekends, evenings, and any other time you have a spare moment. We invite you to explore the Academic Success Center website and learn more about the various services that are available when you need them — seven days a week. Equally convenient, academic coaches are available via chat, text, individualized sessions, and email.

How Can I Contact the ASC Team?

The Academic Success Center is here to support you in achieving your goals and dreams. Have a question? There are several ways you can contact us:

Need Career Help?

National University’s Career Services team offers quality career resources to help you identify and fulfill your career goals. Online services include:

  • Career Advising
  • Career fairs
  • Career exploration and assessment tools
  • Employer information sessions
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Mock interviews
  • Online workshops
  • Resume and cover letter review


National University is here to help you turn your academic dreams into reality. It is the one online university that considers the whole human, taking a holistic approach to student well-being through a supportive ecosystem that measures success financially, socially, and emotionally, as well as in family life and career. NU works side-by-side with learners to break the individual barriers they face as they strive toward a higher education.

For adult learners starting or returning to higher education, they’re not just a student, they’re likely a parent, employee, and caregiver. At National University, we support and recognize the multiple roles adult learners juggle and offer them the confidence that while higher education is hard, it’s totally possible, and we’re here to help make it so.

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