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Who is eligible for the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Scholarship?

You are eligible for the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Scholarship if you are enrolling at National University for the first time within 12 months of completing an Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS), or Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT). You must have earned an AA/AS/ADT from a California community college. You are not eligible if you are a current student, have not completed an AA/AS/ADT, or earned an Associate of Applied Science degree. In order to be eligible for a National University scholarship all students must complete a FAFSA.

Aside from the ADT, what other California community college associate degrees qualify for this scholarship?

Students who have earned an Associate of Arts and/or Associate of Science also qualify for the scholarship.

Does an Associate of Applied Science qualify for the scholarship?

No, an AAS is designed to prepare students to enter the workforce. Examples of this include nursing, automotive technology, and HVAC.

Does National University’s acceptance of the AA/AS/ADT also waive lower-division major preparation coursework as it does for transfer to the CSU system?

Yes, but only for the specific programs that are mapped to the ADT pathways degrees. View our list of transfer-friendly programs here and on the ADT flyer.

Does it matter which GE pattern is followed for completion of the associate degree (IGETC or CSU Breadth)?

No, either IGETC or CSUGE is acceptable.

Does a student who has received a full CSU and/or IGETC certification qualify for this scholarship if they have not earned an associate degree as well?

To be eligible for this scholarship, students must have earned their AA/AS/ADT degree from a California community college.

How long of a break can a student receiving this scholarship take from class while attending NU without losing this scholarship?

A student who is out of class for more than six consecutive months from their last day of attendance will lose this scholarship.

How long after completing their AA/AS/ADT must a student enroll in NU to be eligible for ADT Scholarship?

Twelve months from the date they earned their AA/AS/ADT.

Can a student who is currently attending NU and who has previously earned their AA/AS/ADT enroll in this scholarship program?

No. This scholarship is for students enrolling for the first time at NU after AA/AS/ADT completion, starting 4/2018.

Are there any requirements to keep the scholarship?

Students must maintain good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing and take no more than a six-month break.

Is computer science on the list of options?

The AS-T Computer Science is not currently a pathway degree at NU.

Will an ADT/associate degree completer be held to NU’s required minimum general education unit count?

Students must complete 4.5 unit of Upper Division GE and meet the diversity requirement either through a transfer course or in residence. Lower division GE requirements are waived with completion of the IGETC or CSU Breadth.

Does the scholarship only apply for ADT transfer into the listed NU undergraduate degree program options?

No, AA/AS students are eligible for this scholarship but the scholarship is for 20 courses max. Any additional courses required for degree completion beyond 20 courses will be at regular tuition rates.

How does this scholarship affect transfer students who elect to take advantage of concurrent enrollment to complete their associate degree simultaneously while beginning upper-division coursework toward their major?

Students must have earned their AA/AS/ADT in order to be eligible for the scholarship. Students who begin courses at NU prior to completing the AA/AS/ADT will not be eligible for the scholarship.

What is the cost per course for eligible candidates?

$880 per course.

If a student fails a course while using the ADT scholarship, will the scholarship cover repeated attempts of the course?

Yes, the scholarship is valid on multiple course attempts as long as the course is part of the ADT pathway and the student remains in overall good academic standing per the university catalog.

Does the AA/AS/ADT Scholarship extend to international students as well?

International students who earned an AA/AS/ADT at a California community college are eligible for this scholarship.

Is there a limit to the number of courses this scholarship will cover?

Yes, the ADT Scholarship is capped at a max of 20 courses towards Bachelor’s degree completion. Students transferring to their ADT Pathway should be able to complete their bachelors in 20 courses. If a student is unsuccessful in a course and need to repeat it, or switches majors requiring additional courses toward degree completion, please note, the ADT Scholarship is capped out at 20 courses max.