LAW304 Legal Aspects of Business I

Lead Faculty: Dr. Bryan Hance

Course Description

A survey of contracts, sales, agencies, personal property, commercial paper and associated topics. Emphasizes prevention of litigation and liability arising from business operations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the basic concepts and structure of the American legal system.
  • Describe how law and regulations apply to business and the economy.
  • Recognize business situations that require legal counsel.
  • Interpret and form contractual relationships in business.
  • Identify remedies for breach of contract.
  • Describe how third parties may become involved in contracts, and what their rights may be under the contract.
  • Identify the nature and form of sales.
  • Distinguish personal property from other forms of property.
  • Distinguish bailment's from contracts.
  • Write analyses of legal issues that may arise in the business environment.
  • Establish business practices that comply with relevant laws in an effort to maintain ethical business practices.
  • Identify technological resources available to the business practitioner to aid in the analysis of legal issues arising in the business environment.
  • Explain the need for awareness of and sensitivity to differences in business law in the international business environment.