JJS603 Role of Profess in Alt Ed

Lead Faculty: Dr. Cynthia E. Sytsma

Course Description

In this course candidates will examine relevant educational and mental health practices that can be utilized by professionals in alternative ed settings looking for practical methods in working with difficult students.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze various family support systems and the role of the families in the juvenile justice and educational system.
  • Evaluate the rights and responsibilities of students, parents, teachers, and other professionals, and schools related to exceptional learning needs.
  • Examine strategies from multiple theoretical approaches to increase the individual's self-awareness, self-management, self control, self-reliance, and self-esteem.
  • Evaluate a variety of nonaversive techniques to control targeted behavior and maintain attention of individuals with emotional/behavioral disorders.
  • Assess how teacher attitudes influence the behavior of individuals with exceptional learning needs.
  • Develop a mock environment that encourages self-advocacy and increased independence within the limits of the setting.
  • Analyze controversial intercultural issues among youth within the system in ways that enhance any culture, group or person.
  • Develop an individualized reinforcement plan with environmental modifications at levels equal to the intensity of the behavior.
  • Develop academic instruction for affective education and behavior management for individuals and groups with emotional/behavioral disorders.