JRN605 Advanced Non-Fiction Writing

Lead Faculty: Dr. Sara Ellen L. Amster

Course Description

Provides guided practice in short- and long-form feature writing for print and online media, as well as critical experience in composing feature scripts for radio, television, podcasts, slideshows and Web video.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define the forms and norms of narrative journalism across media platforms.
  • Identify the characteristics of effective feature stories across media platforms and outlets.
  • Plan and execute a comprehensive research and reporting regimen for feature writing.
  • Conduct successful interviews, and effectively edit quotations to illustrate or support arguments in feature stories.
  • Organize, outline and draft feature stories.
  • Edit short- and long-form stories for the full range of media platforms and outlets.
  • Distinguish the characteristics of effective feature writing, and apply this knowledge to the criticism and editing processes.