The Division of Extended Learning FAQs

If you can't find the information you need within our website or in this list of common questions, feel free to contact us. Our representatives are happy to help you.

For answers to your questions, call 1-800-NAT-UNIV ext. 8600 or e-mail us at Our address is 3570 Aero Court, San Diego, CA 92123.

Q: What is Extended Learning and why is it a good fit for me?
Q: Why is a Certificate a good career move? Other advantages, and how your Organization benefits.
Q: What is a CEU?
Q: Do I need to be a National University student to take Extended Learning courses?
Q: How do I register for an Extended Learning course?
Q: I am a current National University student, do I need to fill out an Extended Learning application?
Q: Is my Social Security Number required to register?
Q: How do I pay for a Division of Extended Learning course?
Q: Can I use Financial Aid for Division of Extended Learning programs?
Q: Can military assistance or veteran`s benefits be applied toward the Division of Extended Learning courses or programs?
Q: Does Extended Learning offer funding through the EDD?
Q: Does Extended Learning offer any type of career services or job placement?
Q: I'm a Human Resources Manager looking for training to provide to my organization's employees. Do you provide corporate training opportunities?