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SCR682P Adv Screenwriting Practicum

Lead Faculty: Ms. Bettina Moss M.F.A.

Course Description

The Practicum component of Advanced Screenwriting provides students with one-on-one time with the professor to evaluate and fully process the completed screenplay.

Learning Outcomes

  • Integrate learned elements of screenplay writing and apply them to a new, original idea.
  • Collaborate in small sub-groups to advance story ideas and the understanding of specific films and produced screenplays.
  • Structure an outline for a screenplay that incorporates either ensemble storytelling, dual-genres, specialized research and/or other non-traditional story elements.
  • Synthesize constructive criticism in order to revise the outline.
  • Evaluate films and produced screenplays in the same genre as the screenplay project.
  • Analyze constructs from films and produced screenplays which support the student's new, original idea.
  • Generate a first draft screenplay for a new, original idea based upon these learned elements.